Is the car not going straight? The problem here | A few tens of euros is enough

Is the car not going straight?  The problem here |  A few tens of euros is enough
Cars with a steering wheel that pulls to the right –

Do you feel your car skidding in a straight line and notice that it struggles to straighten? There is a convenient solution that costs almost nothing, first of all book a visit to a tire specialist

It’s time to change tires in April. For those who have not yet booked, it is recommended to set Appointment at a tire dealer To say goodbye to winter equipment for a while and fit into the more high-performance summer tires.

On this date, it is important not to miss an opportunity preventive control of our tire train, In order to identify possible irregularities that could compromise the stability and direction of the vehicle at high speeds.

In fact, who hasn’t noticed that a car often pulls to the right or left in a straight line without going perfectly straight? If this has happened to you, or if you are suffering from this anomaly, don’t worry, because the solution to the problem is very simple. Let’s see what it is.

Always watch for symmetries

When the vehicle swerves to one side and the steering wheel tilts more in either direction on a level road, be aware that Tire engineering In this case it can play tricks. What does this mean? that the irregular geometry, caused by the blows taken on the tread or the movement of the mechanical parts of the suspension, in turn leads to Premature and asymmetric tire wear. From this can arise the problems of direction that we often feel when moving forward in straights.

Maintaining a symmetrical and balanced weight distribution over the wheels allows you to drive in a safer way, but it is also the only way to ensure optimal performance of our vehicle, reducing fuel consumption. In the event that this common problem is often ignored, you must be prepared for it unexpected expenses, from the entities are also unknown. Uneven tire wear can build up over time Bearing or hub failure. And there are things that go badly.

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Steering Control –

An intervention that costs very little but can make a difference

So it’s better to invest some time in something simple Wheel alignment control. This simple operation, which your tire specialist can take care of in a short time, is always convenient to avoid safety and wallet issues. First of all, it will be necessary Check tire pressure, then go check wheel alignment. Sometimes it is enough to adjust the pressure and swap tires between the front and rear axles to notice a noticeable improvement.

Adjusting your wheel alignment is a process that requires great care and precision, which is why there is no real “trick” other than the one described above. If the wheel alignment is out of phase, even after replacing the tires, and in any case it is not caused by a difference in tread wear, the tire specialist will proceed to adjust it interference with mechanical parts.

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