Lancia Ypsilon: What will change for 2023

Lancia Ypsilon: What will change for 2023

there Ypsilon launchDespite 11 years on her shoulders, she is still one of the best-selling models in Italy. Success comes from afar, with over three million units sold since 1985 in four different generations. To keep Ypsilon up to date, waiting for the new generation, expected in 2024 (here to find out more, Lancia announces Domain update Which brings with it some novelties. Model Year 2023“, which can already be ordered, introduces not major aesthetic and technical changes, but rather new features in terms of the multimedia system and equipment.

inside Ypsilon launch We find a New multimedia system With a 7-inch touchscreen compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other novelties are the basis for wireless charging of smartphones and a rear view camera (first appearing on this model), which makes parking easier. While not changing the interior, the 2023 Lancia Ypsilon adopts new blue trim for the dashboard and door panels, and multi-colored green accents on the gear knob, steering wheel cup and on the air vent surrounds. The dashboard graphics have also been revamped. Also new are the seats upholstered in Seaqual Yarn, a polyester yarn created by recycling plastic collected in the Mediterranean.

The technical part does not change. The only engine available for Ypsilon launch remains the 3 cylinders 1.0 Mild Hybrid, which combines a 70hp petrol engine from the Firefly family with a 12V BSG electric unit powered by a small lithium battery. Also available in LPG version.

No major aesthetic innovations for Ypsilon launch, except for the new Green Dew Road. Silver trim now featured new black moldings on the grille, logo surround and lower bumper. The Alberta Ferretti Special Series is also available in the collection. Standard equipment includes all the technological innovations brought about by the update.

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Until December 31, the new Lancia Ypsilon LPG Ecochic Edition is offered starting from 189 euros per monthwith an advance of €3,070, 36 installments of €189 and a final remaining installment of €9,210 (TAN 6.85% APR 9.58%).

price list

  • 1.0 FireFly 70 HP Start & Stop Hybrid UNYCA: 14,800 euros
  • 1.0 FireFly 70 HP Start & Stop Hybrid SILVER: 15,900 euros
  • 1.0 FireFly 70 HP Start & Stop Hybrid GOLD: 17,500 euros
  • 1.0 FireFly 70 HP Start & Stop Hybrid ALBERTA FERRETTI: 18,500 euros
  • 1.2 69 HP LPG SILVER: 17,450 euros
  • 1.2 69 HP LPG GOLD: 19,050 euros
  • 1.2 69 HP LPG ALBERTA FERRETTI: 20,050 euros
  • 0.9 TwinAir 70 HP CH Silver: 18,950 euros
  • 0.9 TwinAir 70 HP Methane GOLD: 20,550 euros

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