The Last of Us 2 unearthed hidden gameplay details –

The last of us 2 It continues to reserve surprises, at least for some players, with a Reddit user posting a recent Reddit user post in the past few hours. Discovery that it hidden game details The game that many may not have seen.

Actually it’s not really a file Secret, being an item that appears in the game if you perform the correct actions, but it is likely that many players have missed in their round of The Last of Us 2, taken by action or by moments that could attract more attention .

As you can see this is the addressDuring the mission “The Aquarium” in The Last of Us 2, it is possible to perform a certain contextual action using My Father Which isn’t usable in other situations outside of this special flashback with Owen: As the character approaches the railing on the stairs, Abby sits on her, sliding all the way down.

This is a detail that doesn’t seem to reappear at other points in the game and only works in that specific flashback: if you try to do the same thing again with Abby Senior, outside of that specific moment, it is noted that it is not possible to perform this action, perhaps because it is now considered too childish for the character. These days, we’ve seen a touching fan-made video dedicated to Joel and Sarah.

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