Italy U19s beat Malta 4-0: Relive the live stream

Italy U19s beat Malta 4-0: Relive the live stream

Three penalties were converted (from N’Dour, Esposito and Vignato) and a failed goal (from D’Andrea), a positive dismissal and a goal that came thanks to a free kick Dr Andrea veered through the barrier. Italy U19 It starts well in the European Championships and defeats Malta with a score of 4-0. On Thursday 6th July, the Azzurri will face Portugal.

10:55 p.m

90 + 4 – the final whistle: Italy defeats Malta 4-0

After four minutes of extra time, the referee sends everyone to the locker room. Italy beat Malta 4-0 thanks to three penalties (N’dor, Esposito and Vignato) and a free kick from D’Andrea (deflected by the barrier).

10:53 PM

90 + 2′ – Vignato makes no mistake: 4-0 for Italy

Vignato appears from the penalty spot and calmly takes out the goalkeeper with a dry and central shot. Italy – Malta 4-0.

10:52 PM

90 + 1′ – fourth penalty kick for Italy

A mistake by Healy on Turku, and the fourth penalty kick for the Azzurri.

10:49 p.m

88′ – Vignato touches the poker

Slow rhythms and Italy trying to control the ball: Vignato, after a cross from behind, found himself in conditions for kicking non-stop from the penalty spot: a high ball over the bar.

10:45 p.m

85 ‘- whirlwind of changes

Substitutions for both teams. In Italy outside Regonesi and inside Dellavalle. For Malta, Borg substituted Sciclona.

10:36 p.m

76′ – A triple substitution for Italy

While Missouri nearly scored the fourth with a volley from the edge that deflected into a corner kick, Pollini made a triple substitution: Beselli, Hasa, Turco, Esposito, Colichou and Lipani.

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10:32 p.m

71′ – change for Malta

Hell, Healy’s in: Malta’s fourth switch.

10:28 p.m

67′ – cross by Esposito

Italy is very close to the fourth goal: a cross from Colicho and a strong breakaway from Esposito, who hit the crossbar.

10:26 p.m

65′ – change to Italy

Substitution for Azzurri: D’Andrea out, Vignato in.

10:17 p.m

56′ – Double substitution for Malta

Double substitution for Malta: Letherby cross on the field for Karana and Toma.

10:10 p.m

49′ – Yellow card for Rajonesi

First yellow card for Italy: A yellow card for Rajonesi for a foul in midfield. Despite the action, D’Andrea almost scored the fourth goal.

10:08 p.m

47′ – Italy’s third goal: D’Andrea

The third blue target arrives at the first opportunity. D’Andrea (who missed a penalty kick) redeemed himself with a fierce free kick, which smashed home from the barrier.

10:06 p.m

46′ – starts over

The second half began with a change for Malta: Viviani in favor of Bridgman.


45 + 1 – half time

After a minute of extra time, the referee sends everyone to the locker room. Italy lead 2-0 thanks to penalties from N’dor and Esposito.


44′ – Fluent Italy: Esposito is close to his personal debut

Good job on the D’Andrea-Esposito axis. The centre-forward breaks free and kicks, finding the answer from the opposing goalkeeper.


39′ – D’Andrea misses a penalty

The third penalty kick and the third are different. D’Andrea appears immediately, but misses the opportunity. His shot hit the crossbar wide.


38′ – Third penalty kick for Italy

Esposito aims for Micallef with a dribbling double move that forces the defender to commit a foul: a third penalty for Italy and a sending-off (double yellow card) for the defender from Malta.

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32′ – Esposito makes no mistake from the penalty spot: 2-0 to Italy

Esposito appears from eleven meters and does not miss: a center and half-height shot displaces the goalkeeper.


31′ Another penalty kick for Italy

Second penalty for the Azzurri: Esposito was grabbed conspicuously in the area by Micallef: yellow card, foul.


25′ – Post Ndour

The young Benfica midfielder is still the hero: a perfect free kick hits the post.


19 ‘- Italy advances: we turn around

N’dour, very cold from the penalty spot, displaces the opposing goalkeeper and scores the goal 1-0 for the Azzurri.


18′ – penalty kick for Italy

Penalty kick for Italy on a handball by Caruana following Esposito’s header.


17 ‘- Italy is close to scoring

D’Andrea again the protagonist of a nice descent on the right: a cross in the middle and first intention shot by Ndour. Shot just over the goal line by a defender.


10′ – D’Andrea’s No.: Italy is one step away from goal

Brilliant play by D’Andrea, who mediates from the right, slips past two opponents and then, from an excellent position, kicks sensationally over the bar.


5′ – blue protests

Esposito beat the penalty area after a header from a Libyan that he did not count in front of the goalkeeper. The referee allows it to continue.


3′ – Amatochi touches the pole

Italy is immediately dangerous: Missouri’s descent on the left, who puts a dangerous ball in the middle: Amatocchi pounces on the defense’s rebound, which hits the post from the edge of the area.

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Malta and Italy started

The match between Malta and Italy started valid for the European Under-19 Championship.


Malta and Italy official profiles

Malta (4-4-2): bag; a. Burg, Micallef, Ziri, Elul; Scicluna, Vassallo, Caruana, L. Scicluna; D. Scicluna, Vassallo, Caruana, L. Scicluna; Toma, Bridgman. (Available Camilleri, Cross, Heli, Buhagiar, Farrugia, Viviani, Letherby, Gate, Borg). everyone.

Italy (4-3-3): : Mastrantonio. Kayode, L. Delavalle, Regonesi, Missouri; lipani, amatochi, n’dour; D Andrea, Esposito, Coliosho. (Available in Al-Misani, A. Delaval, Al-Hasa, Vignato, Pozzolan, Turku, Piselli). everyone.

Italy, the European Under-19 Championship is underway

Everything is ready for the under-19 national team debut in the European Championships. The Azzurri, led by Paulini, face Malta.

Takali National Stadium (Malta)

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