Mourinho thundered: “I ask for respect. The referee and his escape made me feel ashamed to be there. I want the right to play to win.”

Mourinho thundered: “I ask for respect. The referee and his escape made me feel ashamed to be there. I want the right to play to win.”
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Napoli-Roma interviews – All the statements made by Giallorossi coach Jose Mourinho on the occasion of the Napoli-Roma match are valid for the 33rd day. league.

Mourinho at the press conference

In the second half, with absolute control and the team that was not satisfied with the same thing
“We played with a quality team, that’s why they are there to play for trophies. We played against difficult decision-making power, but it makes me understand the maturity of my team’s growing growth. We are a team for more than seven months, playing at Maradona Stadium against a difficult decision for us, The team was there. That was great. I think all teams should have the right to win the match, no matter who they are playing against or the goals. They don’t care about the goals they are fighting for.”

How is Zaniolo?
“Zaniolo? His problem does not seem important, the problem is that he will not be there with Inter. As usual with this referee he took the yellow. It seems to me that there are ten games that Roma have not won with Mr. Di Bello. Zaniolo played a great match, Koulibaly is a great player. For me he had a great race, and then eventually he was tired. With Di Bello, there always comes a moment of frustration, because yellow always comes. I wanted to finish the race at 11, that’s why I changed. The problem is that he can’t play with Inter” .

About the decision to deport Mkhitaryan
“The first reason is that he plays practically all of them. He runs twelve kilometers in every game, and I thought I would save him six kilometers by putting him in the second half.”

in arbitration
“I thought that if we scored a goal, they would find something. Every time the ball was in the Napoli zone, it was a mistake for us before the goal could be scored. Mr. Di Paolo Al Var did not find anything in the goal. Zanoli had to take two yellow cards, nor I even want to talk about the penalty that was not awarded to Zaniolo. Let’s finish it here, a big credit to my team. Spalletti did a great job this year with injuries and everything else that kept the team fighting for the title until the end. Next year we’ll be back here, hopefully without De Bello and Don Di Paolo”.

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Mourinho at RomeTV +

We played to win. It was tough, but we were the best on the pitch without a doubt. We finished the game upward, it didn’t look like we played 12 team matches, great game. Episodes are always against hallucinations. I just want respect for the Roma fans. We don’t play to win the Scudetto, we worked hard to improve the team and we succeeded. We’ve come to that level, today’s level and the matches of the last few months. We can’t play to win the Scudetto but football should be a pure sport, two teams on the field, regardless of the goals, should have the same chances of winning the game. That’s why I give a big hug to my players who are going through an extraordinary growth trajectory. We deserved more but it’s okay

This team is strong and solid
He is strong mentally, as a group and through empathy. They are all friends. Everyone wants to play more and always, but they respect my choices and understand that for a minute, 10 or 90, the contribution is always important. I’m sorry our fans weren’t around today. I understand the reasons, but I am sorry that they were not there, today was going to be a beautiful day for them in this beautiful city and in this legendary realm with a legendary name. I’m sure our fans are just as proud of the team as me

Mourinho at DAZN at the end of the race

What are your feelings after this match? His jubilation said it was right, but his face was not satisfied
“Cheer because during the match it seemed impossible to get a positive result. No because my team didn’t really play well, I grew in the match. I had a feeling it would be difficult and almost impossible to get a positive result. The point I celebrated but it’s cold and after what What I heard during the match was jubilation. My great team. After Thursday, playing this way with my team is amazing. Unbelievable physical and mental condition. We wanted more but that’s what we were able to do.”

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He looks more and more like his team. I did it again tonight. Gears changed by Mkhitaryan, and everyone seems to be getting better…
“That’s why he always plays. That’s why, analyzing all the data we have, he never hurt and was never left out. We thought to play 90 minutes again and play 12 and a half km is difficult. We are looking forward to Leicester who have changed 9 players compared to PSV. We already have them. 12 conference games and we’re going to 14 games and it’s tough for us. A great team in an incredible moment. From the first minute it seemed impossible to win or find a point. These guys are proud, only if you give me two seconds without saying much but there are teams that play to win the Scudetto. And we don’t. However, we have the right to play to win matches but today it does not seem like that. I also said that whoever writes in the newspapers that the tournament is settled even if the referees make mistakes against whoever plays for the tournament. But even if he is mistaken in favor. I don’t want To talk a lot, but Mr. Di Paolo and Di Bello don’t know, but I felt at some moments that I was ashamed to be there. Three occasions: red to Zanoli, yellow not mentioned in the first half and double yellow in the second half. The penalty kick for Zaniolo is Penalty kick, kicked by the goalkeeper There is friction. But there is more and more than enough for me. Ok but a little respect. Our fans weren’t there but they are at home. I want to play right, we weren’t good in training and we can’t fight to win the Scudetto but I want to fight to win. For me it was taken from us. Hi guys “

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Mourinho at DAZN before the race

Just a change from Budo. How important is it to have intensity?
It’s tough, of course, but we don’t have solutions. Every important point in the Italian League and in the semi-finals of the conference for two weeks. We are positive, we are confident that the bench has motivated people who can give something during the match. It’s a tough game, but it’s important for them and us.”

Can Juventus change his fortunes?
“I think we are playing for fifth place. Juventus is very strong for us. We play for fifth to eighth and we need the points”

Yesterday in Maradona
“It’s not football but he was a friend of mine. Every time I go back to Napoli, I’ll go there”

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