Subaru Crosstrek: Wild Debut

Subaru Crosstrek: Wild Debut

there Subaru Crosstrek It is the new generation of Subaru XV They will also arrive in Italy June 2023. It has already been available in the US for a few months and now, at the New York Auto Show, a new variant is making its debut wild. The latter has more off-road character and is in line with the US-market Forster and Outback Wilderness, which is the Japanese manufacturer’s main market.

Aesthetically, the Subaru Crosstrek Wild It is distinguished by layers of raw black plastic on the wheel arches, front bumper and rear fascia, the latter, among other things, has embossed “Subaru” lettering that extends to the full width. In addition, there is also a metal boxer engine protection plate, LED fog lights with hexagonal design, matte black anti-glare sticker on the hood, wilderness badges on the doors and tailgate and a ladder roof rack with a loading capacity of 80 kg on the road and 318 kg in a static position, Thus it is suitable for large roof tents.

But the Subaru Crosstrek Wild It’s not just about aesthetics: the manufacturer has improved the off-road characteristics of the car, increasing the ground clearance to 240 mm, obtained by more extended springs and shock absorbers, as well as Yokohama Geolandar all-terrain tires installed on 17 inch rims. Entry and exit angles have also been improved by about two degrees.

engine Subaru Crosstrek Wild For the American market, the 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer delivers 182 hp and 239 Nm of torque, however, to improve response, the engineers shortened the final drive (4.111:1 vs. 3.7) from the Lineartronic CVT automatic gearbox. According to Subaru, these changes improve the crossover’s climbing ability, while the addition of a larger oil cooler has improved the car’s towing capacity to 1,588 kg.

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inside Subaru Crosstrek Wild Functional changes were made with StarTex waterproof upholstery, standard all-weather floor mats, and a removable, waterproof rear cargo tray. Standard equipment includes keyless entry, heated seats, windshield and LED lights. For $2,270 (€2,064), you can get an optional package that includes a power sunroof, power driver’s seat, and Harman Kardon audio.

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