SEGA didn’t want Yakuza sex, not even in the pink screens of brothels

SEGA didn’t want Yakuza sex, not even in the pink screens of brothels

SEGA didn’t want to hear that You have yakuza sex scenes. At first they didn’t even accept the pink screens used in the game, because in their opinion it was a pink screen Direct reference to sex. Toshihiro Nagoshi, former creative director and author of the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series, told the strange tale in an interview with Weeklt Ochiai.

As you know, the Yakuza series is famous for many aspects. One of these is the presence of superior attitudes, which also include sex and violence. For SEGA, violence was not one problem, but another.

“In the Places associated with prostitution There was no question of visually representing what was happening inside.” Nagoshi offered, who then went on to explain, “So, I made it so that the character walks in, meets the woman, and the scene fades out to a completely pink screen.

Kerio inside a store

Was this enough for SEGA executives? Of course not, as we previously reported: “It ended up being listed as a problem and when I asked for clarification, I was told it was because The color pink is associated with sex. We ended up arguing, and I shouted, “You may think pink is sexy, but that’s your opinion.” There are a lot of pink things in the world, do they excite you every time you see them? It was a very fun fight. For my part, I didn’t want to take it as a joke. They were things that I considered acceptable after careful evaluation based on my ethics and values. That’s why I stood my ground and fought until the end.”

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