European Athletics Championships: Crepa gold in the 10,000m and bronze in Italy in the women’s 4×100 race

European Athletics Championships: Crepa gold in the 10,000m and bronze in Italy in the women’s 4×100 race

Ten medals achieved, indeed surpassed. Italy’s athletics team surpasses their goal at the European Championships in Munich, and does so thanks to the formidable Yeman Crippa who triumphed in the 10,000 metres, a race in which he was already bronze 4 years ago, with an epic final. Miznji, who started the last lap with a big lead over Trentino.

Then at the end of the European event comes the brilliant bronze for the girls’ 4x100m, Zeinab Dosso, Dalia Kadari, Anna Bongiorni and Alicia Pavez, the latter being irresistible in the final respectively. “We believed in it, we are not afraid of anyone, we promised it,” Bongiorni says after the race.

Bronze medal for Italy in the women’s 4 x 100

For the 10,000, Mezngi arrived in parts of Oslo as a refugee, then was welcomed by the Norwegians as one of them, seemed to be able to win, and instead Crippa literally demolished him on the last lap thanks to the sharp change at minus 300-meters, to leave the fearsome in his place Frenchman Jimmy Gresser Who was keeping a close eye on the tyon policeman. Yes, only Crippa, who was stopped several times in March 2020 for investigation by fellow patrols while jogging for training: some of the citizens of Trento, stationed at the windows, did not know he was a hero and reported him to the police because he was in the street, running in complete isolation. He preferred not to comment, but thankfully times are far away. Now there’s fun, because in Monaco, Iman completed his brilliant recovery with the Norwegian with a win at such an unforgettable speed. Bronze to France, not with Gressier, but with Yann Schrub (27:47.13) who was not thought to have preceded his more popular teammate (27:49.84). Excellent fifth, very good, Piedmontese mathematician Pietro Riva, pupil of Stefano Baldini, today at his best, with 27:50.51.

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So Italy, dedicating the gold crippa to her family, to coach Massimo Pegoretti and her mental coach (he also has one, as Marcel Jacobs) returned to the 10,000m after 32 years of Toto’s gold. Antibus in Split 1990, a which followed the victory of incumbent Federal President Stefano Mei (Stuttgart 1986) and Alberto Cova (Athens 1982). “Is it really Italy’s 10th medal? We’ve got so much for it? Seriously, I’m happy – in Kripa’s seemingly happy words –: I wanted to finish the European Championship well, and I can finally say that I got the gold is absolutely valuable. When there is form, you can also do these things. I’m very happy. When I saw that the first one (Mezngi ed) was moving and it gained a lead, I also started and eventually took this. Here was the bronze in the 5000 “Aperitif”, this is my race, And I knew I could play at my best. Did I start too late? No, but I didn’t want to shoot in the second half I’m tearing up some people and then, at a certain one, letting someone else do it. I knew that in a sprint I could I will be the best.”

On the other hand, Elena Valtortegara’s high jump final, a recent world bronze, ended poorly: the blue stops at a wrong measurement of 1.90 three times, and is only ninth in a race in which she made no secret of her medal ambitions. “I’m really sorry – he says coldly – maybe after Eugene I’m out of my mind, but 1.90 is a procedure I should safely jump into, and instead it’s happened to me a few times this year not to overtake it. There’s the technical problem that comes again, in the lead up. It is no coincidence that it ends like this, I have to talk to my coach. I want to solve it to please the fans: here in Monaco I was aiming for something else”

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