Italian League – Frosinone – Udinese 0-1: Davis in the 76th minute. The Friulian saved from Cannavaro, and Ciucciari saved from Di Francesco in B

Italian League – Frosinone – Udinese 0-1: Davis in the 76th minute. The Friulian saved from Cannavaro, and Ciucciari saved from Di Francesco in B

Turbine of emotions in “Stirpe”. Frosinone was safe and calm for almost the entire match (where he also hit the woodwork twice with Sole and Brescianini), and then the painful news doubled: the opener from Keenan Davis (his first Serie A goal) in the 76th minute and the opener from Keenan Davis (his first Serie A goal). The Italian) in the 76th minute. The winning goal for Empoli over Roma 2-1 was scored by Niang in the 93rd minute. Final result: Fabio Cannavaro safe, Eusebio Di Francesco – in tears at the final whistle – in Serie B.


Frosinone (3-4-2-1): Serofolinates. Lirola (85′ Kone), S. Romagnoli, Ocoli; Zortia (90’+5 Monterrey), Barenechea, Brescianini (88′ Gili), Valeri; Sole (85′ Guigimes), Harroy (85′ Reinier); Chidera All: E. Di Francesco.

Udinese (3-5-2): Okoye; T. Christensen, Jewelers, Perez; Ehesibo (58′ Joao Ferreira), Samardzic, Wallace, Bayrou, Camara (87′ Zemora); Luca, Brenner (46′ Davis – 90’+5 kick). Everyone: F. Cannavaro.

to rule: Daniel Duffery Rome 1.

NB – Cooldown: 3+5. Cards: Perez, Davis.

Match report in 8 minutes

2′ – Double reserve intervention by Cerofolini! After a corner kick developed for Udinese, the Frosinone goalkeeper passed Christensen first, then won the ball from Bayero’s near heel!

7′ – Brenner goes one-on-one with Cerofolini on Lirola’s unfortunate back pass! Another exceptional start for the Frosinone goalkeeper with a shot from the visiting goalkeeper No. 22!

12′ – Horoi! Central rhythm and smooth finish from the edge of the area: the ball is just wide. Finally Frosinone!

19′ – Another miracle from Okoye! From a Frosinone corner kick, Okolie’s header goes under the crossbar: the Udinese goalkeeper gets there again with a shot from behind!

40′ – Cross in a free penalty kick taken by Sol! Conclusion from twenty meters out and the ball hits the top of the wood: Frosinone is very close to taking the lead.

47′ – Frosinone pole with Brescianini! The former Cosenza and Milan midfielder was caught in the penalty area by Sole: a soft cross with a deflection from Pigol and the ball hit the post!

76′ – Udinese’s goal with Davis! Kamara’s throw into the area, Luka’s chest kick and slide, a quick finish from the former Watford, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa player with his first – very important – goal in the Italian League: 0-1!

Frosinone – Udinese, Serie A 2023-2024: Keenan Davis (Udinese) celebration. Photo by Giuseppe Maffia for Getty Images

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best player

Davis. Man of Salvation for Udinese. He enters, scores and exits (in stoppage time). He’s very ready on the smart side of Luka. specific.

Fantasy football

Upgrade – Camara. Udinese left wing hammer. He devises a long ball which is intercepted by Luka inside the area for Davis to score the decisive goal.

Failed – Lirola. An unsuccessful back pass, in the seventh minute, did not allow Brenner to score – for a short time. Overall, he misses a lot of plays.

The social moment

Report cards


De Laurentiis: “The Italian League is a disaster, a pile of complete incompetence.”

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