“It would create a precedent.” The Pentagon halts the investigation into Russian war crimes

“It would create a precedent.”  The Pentagon halts the investigation into Russian war crimes

A new obstacle to international judicial proceedings against i war crimes perpetrated by Russia in Ukraine. according to The New York TimesUS efforts could get a condemnation by the International Criminal Court ran aground Because of the United States itself. In the reason for this sudden slowdown, according to the American newspaper, there will be obstruction on the part of the Pentagon, concerned about future developments that could occur in the event of the trial of Russian leaders before the Hague Tribunal.

Pentagon wall on Russian war crimes

The US Department of Defense fears that any action against the Kremlin leadership, Russian President Vladimir Putin In the first place, it can create a precedent of Use against the military Or the presidents of the United States themselves. So there would be a deadlock within the Biden administration, as the intelligence agencies, the State Department, and the Justice Department all advocate full cooperation with the court, which the United States withdrew from after it signed it. Rome Statute In the year 1998.

The National Security Council convened a Cabinet-level “Committee of Officials” meeting to try to resolve the dispute on February 3, but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who had opposed sharing the collected material with ICC prosecutor Karim Khan thus far, continued to oppose the idea of ​​a meeting to resolve the issue. the problem. I promised us from day one of Moscow atrocities appear in this conflict. A month ago, During the Munich Security ConferenceVice President Kamala Harris has announced to the world that her country has evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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Last December, Congress repealed Title II ofHague Invasion ActA law dating back to 2002 He forbade cooperation With the ICC and the president was allowed to use All necessary measures To free any US or allied citizen held by the ICC. However, in 2021, Biden rescinded an executive order issued by Donald Trump specifyingICC (International Criminal Court) a “A threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States“.

The International Criminal Court and Ukraine

The current consumer price index investigate on the Kremlin’s behavior more than a year after Vladimir Putin’s invasion and nearly ten years after the illegal annexation of Crimea, with a particular focus on the chain of command ordering the bombing of civilian infrastructure and the deportation of 6,000 Ukrainian children in Russia. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andriy Kostin, said in the fall of 2022 that his office had already filed an indictment 135 people and documented More than 34,000 possible war crimes committed by Russian forces, while formulating the charge of genocide against Moscow. Ukraine has never ratified the Rome Statute, you think.It contradicts the Ukrainian constitutionby the Kiev Supreme Court in 2001, but it has repeatedly recognized jurisdiction in The Hague, to which it appealed in 2013 and 2014 against Russia.

The International Criminal Court is a permanent court which investigates major crimes under international law, such as genocide (the destruction of a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such), war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression of one state against another. It is based in The Hague, Netherlands and has in the past tried several leaders of sovereign states such as Libyan head of state Muammar Gaddafi and former Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir. It is highly unlikely that the International Criminal Court, which is not a UN body and has supranational jurisdiction only over member states, will succeed in prosecuting Vladimir Putin. In fact, Russia did not sign the founding treaty and for this reason it is under no obligation to guarantee extradition.

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