This process, the elephant in the room

This process, the elephant in the room

I have followed every Catalan election, since March 1, 1980 when Jordi Pujol surprisingly won over Juan Reventus, to know exactly how the Spanish media develops as well as the parties that do not adhere to strict Catalan obedience when Spanishizing the election campaign. Under the slogan “We need to talk about things that affect citizens,” there is always an avoidance of substantive debateThe important thing is: Catalonia cannot take care of its citizens as they deserve due to the economic suffocation it is suffering from.

The injustice he is exposed to suffers from it in two ways: first, Financing system Which makes the state’s financial deficit with Catalonia exceed 20 thousand million euros annually. The second, by a much smaller amount, but much more humiliating, is in – Commitment to the state’s general budget. The investments that appear there, which are always lower than those that would occur in Catalonia, end up never being fulfilled. The examples are famous that while Catalonia remains at an annual average that does not usually reach 50%, the Community of Madrid often shamelessly exceeds 100% and everyone thinks it is the most normal. This happens with the governments of the Popular Party, and also, more recently, with the governments of Pedro Sanchez.

The rebellion in Catalonia of the middle classes against the treatment of the Spanish state led them first to demand a fiscal pact, without any success. Later, risks were raised with the independent state and ended with a 1-O referendum and a declaration of independence. Judicial, police and political repression interrupted the entire process. But now, when we try to talk about things that matter to citizens again, it has been verified that in the almost seven years that the Spanish state has had to reverse those old claims about Catalanism, it has done nothing. nothing. Zero Patatero, what former President Zapatero would say.

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For this, The process remains like an elephant in the middle of the room. There is a kind of frustration among those who support independence, and there is also fatigue. There have been mistakes, some acknowledged and some not. But the hope for a different relationship with Spain, demanding a reversal of financial exploitation in order to reduce taxes, among other things, remains. The Catalan election campaign, the fourteenth, will once again proceed in the same way as the previous thirteen campaigns. Victory will ultimately go to whoever is seen as the politician capable of achieving the best results for Catalonia in negotiations with Madrid.

The 14th Catalan election campaign will once again proceed in the same way as the previous 13 campaigns.

It is true that in 2017 and 2021, the Citizens and the NCP won the elections, but in neither case were they able to govern. Many believe that 2024 will be different. We will wait a little and see how the movements that have taken place settle down and whether there is a change in position after the hasty election call made by President Aragonés. And what do the polls tell us over the next two or three weeks: If the elections were a matter of three, Illa, Puigdemont, and Aragonese, or, on the contrary, they became a matter of two, Victory can only fall on the side of the socialist leader or the president-in-exile.

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