Ukraine Russia, latest war news | Kyiv, there is no agreement on supplies. Zelensky’s plea: ‘We can’t wait’

Ukraine Russia, latest war news |  Kyiv, there is no agreement on supplies.  Zelensky’s plea: ‘We can’t wait’

Harb Bulletin Saturday, January 21, live. New German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius disappoints the public: “We must assess the possible consequences for everyone. We also have to make an inventory of available resources »

• The war in Ukraine has reached its 332nd day.
Zelensky at the Ramstein Summit: “We need help ASAP.”
• Wagner, the United States confirms: «There are 50 thousand pro-Russian mercenaries in Ukraine».
• The Vatican, Archbishop Gallagher: “The Pope will not go to Kyiv at the moment”
Ten points to monitor the progress of the war.

03.52 am –

There is no decision on sending German-made Leopold 2 tanks to Ukraine. All eyes were on the top US and allied defense chiefs at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, who were indecisive about the tanks. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin played down hopes of a breakthrough: “I don’t have any announcements to make about Abrams and I’ve heard the German defense minister, who said they haven’t made up their minds about the Panthers,” the Pentagon chief said at a news conference at the end of the summit.

However, the United States has formalized the announcement of a new $2.5 billion aid package, which for the first time will include Stryker armored vehicles and Bradley fighting vehicles. An important help given the situation on the ground. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “Russia is preparing for new attacks, so it is necessary to increase support so that Ukraine can win and regain the occupied territories.”

The Rammstein meeting, which Defense Minister Guido Crossetto attended on behalf of Italy, opened with a sincere appeal from Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke from a distance. “I can thank you a hundred times and it would be absolutely correct and fair, given everything we have already done, but hundreds of thanks are not hundreds of tanks,” said the Ukrainian president, asking to “act quickly” to send the tanks.

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