Christmas Lottery Prizes | Check Christmas Lottery 2023

Christmas Lottery Prizes |  Check Christmas Lottery 2023

Another year up The exceptional Christmas lottery draw 70 million receipts will be distributed, an increase over previous years. This is due to the fact that more lottery tickets were put into circulation, 185 series of 100,000 numbers.

Despite this amount hypothesis It remains unchanged and remains for another year. These are the prizes:

  • 'Gross': The first prize is 4 million in the series, or the equivalent of 400,000 euros in the tenth.

  • Second prize: 125,000 euros, corresponding to the tenth.

  • Third prize: 50,000 euros for tenth.

  • Fourth prizes: €20,000 for tenth each.

  • 5th 8th Prizes: €6,000 for the 10th Prize each.

  • BedriaDistribution of 1000 euros to the tenth.
  • Reintegration: €200 for tenths that have the same last number as the first prize.

To find out if you are one of the lucky winners of one of these prizes Pots Verify your number here.

The jackpot ball for the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. Evie

How much money does the Treasury have?

Since 2013, Lottery prizes It must be above 40,000 euros Pay taxes at the IRS. Until then, anyone who won the lottery was exempt and received the full prize amount.

In this case, the winners of the first, second and third prizes will have to provide part of the funds to the treasury. With Gross, the public administration will retain €72,000 and grant €328,000 out of the initial €400,000. As for the second prize, 17,000 euros will go to the public treasury, and 108,000 euros will go to the tenth prize holders, while the third prize winners will contribute 2,000 euros, leaving 48,000 euros.

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