It looks like a wrestling match but it’s just a cat and a dove playing video

It looks like a wrestling match but it’s just a cat and a dove playing  video

A kitten “fights” in the street with a pigeon, and a TikTok video goes viral. Lots of likes came under the photos.

“I thought I saw a cat” is the famous phrase of the famous Disney bird, Tatethe. Cats among man’s best friends, But it seems Worse for birdswho often find themselves having to escape from their lives Small claws.

The cat points to the dove in a threatening way –

Of course, the video that went viral on TikTok explains this in some cases to birds They know how to assert themselves, So much so that the scene filmed on the phone looks like an encounter wrestling.

A cat and a dove compete in an imaginary episode

Cats are mainly attracted to birds Because of their hunting instincts. This behavior is rooted in their predatory nature.

And precisely for this reason it is so The clip is funny Which has been circulating on TikTok in the past few hours. The pictures actually show it Kitten struggling with dove. The two animals meet on the sidewalk and immediately begin rolling over each other.

If the fluff shows more intent to play than the bird, the dove seems to like it Defense by pints, As if he wanted to claim the “violations” that his group was subjected to. The clip is very funny because it really looks like the two animals are fighting in a ring, fighting with each other In the best wrestling competitions.


Cat vs pigeon 😂 #funny #ccfl7

♬ original sound – ccfl

Many messages and small hearts arrived in the margins of the post expressing the humor resulting from the brief vision. But why are cats enemies of birds? First of all, l The hunting instinct that four-legged friends possess. In fact, cats are natural predators, and birds are often their perfect prey. Cats’ keen eyesight and ability to move silently make them effective hunters.

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Predatory cat
The cat is a predatory animal, and this is its instinct –

Birds too They are fast moving creatures And unexpectedly. This attracts the attention of cats who are stimulated by movement and the possibility of hunting. The chirps and sounds made by birds can attract cats’ attention. These sounds mimic potential prey, encouraging the cat to hunt.

Capture the prey It is also a way to establish its dominance over the region. This behavior is rooted in cats’ territorial instincts. Even if your cat isn’t necessarily hungry, hunting birds can be a fun way for her to exercise her hunting instincts: This can serve as a hobby and entertainment. Hence cats have a characteristic that they always show in every way: Curiosity. They are naturally curious animals, and birds provide a source of visual interest and sensory stimulation.

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