The close connection between the environment and food

The close connection between the environment and food

If it’s true that “we are what we eat,” then maybe we should start eating better. At this historical moment Food is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics in the political, social and cultural spheres. It is often at the center of our conversations and becomes a cause of quarrels between those we preferEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable food, most popular; Which, on the other hand, often lets itself be addicted to it Misleading adsAnd Artificial colors and flavors Which do not bring any benefit to our body. the so-called Fast food.

This is not a simple matter of nutrition alone. Food is life, gathering, and socializing. Over the years, the topic of food has adapted to the global market, becoming an invaluable commodity. And this inevitably led to the impoverishment of the values ​​\u200b\u200bof culinary traditions, which also affected the climate crisis that is in front of our eyes.

What we eat actively contributes to making us good or bad consumers, which directly affects the environment.

How can we become more aware, mindful, and sustainable when we buy the staple commodity par excellence, food? The media helps us in this regard. Yes, the same people who often give us shows where junk food is the masters. But not everything has to be thrown away. There are many documentaries, TV shows and podcasts that have appeared in our country in recent years Focus on the most accurate nutrition storiesAttentive to food waste and new cooking frontiers, environmentally friendly.

Here, then, is a food-themed review of TV products that offers different perspectives on related issues The food industry in relation to individual health and environmental sustainability.

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hungry for waste (2015)

A documentary film to understand what made us wasteful consumers, and to learn how to commit ourselves to taking back that food, which, if destined to be destroyed, could feed people in difficulty. The report is a journey through Italy, from the fields to our tables, as three stories of women in Italy intertwine with the lives of two young women in Chad, in the heart of the Sahel region, south of the Sahara. They come from different worlds, but they all have the same common mission: to take care of the family and run the store.

ChangeMinds Food (2018)

Science and technology are changing our daily lives faster and more radically. Each gesture, from the simplest to the most complex, is constantly redefined and conveyed in a context that may in turn change. Memex Doc changes minds He takes on this challenge: to understand and talk about change, and the tension between the present and the future, through the lens of scientific and technological research. In the episode dedicated to the topic of food, we try to answer one of the most sensitive questions: what are we going to eat tomorrow? Because by 2050 there will be 10 billion of us on Earth and setting the table for everyone will be essential.

TV series

Green Storytellers (2021)

The first green series born from the bottom up that brings to the screen new habits, lifestyles, consumption and more ethical choices while respecting the environment. Wanted and fully funded thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Green Storytellers Designed to enlighten consciences and help us understand that the planet really needs us.

food processor (2022)

An animated series born from the idea of ​​​​actress Luisa Ranieri and her friend and doctor, expert in nutrition and functional medicine Sarah Farnetti, which sees three young protagonists consuming food properly. Leader Ginny and her inseparable friends Ham and PC are always looking for new adventures in a city that’s too quiet for them. But one day, Jenny finds her mysterious grandfather, Essen, whom she never knew. Grandfather keeps a secret: he is the last of the gods food processorsMagical warriors who save the world with food! But he’s not the only one back, there are also toxins, metabolic monsters that multiply in people’s bodies when they eat the wrong way. Grandpa Eisen needs help to counter every attack, and it will be Ginny, Ham and the PC who will transform into his warriors, entering the human body and fighting off toxins with the right foods, well used.

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TV shows

Morgan – healthy taste in the kitchen

In each episode, Morgan, a vegan chef born and raised in Miami, will accompany us in discovering her vegan cuisine, made with healthy, colorful and delicious ingredients, through many delicious recipes. An excellent way to allow even those who are not familiar with this type of cuisine to discover the joy of eating tasty, alternative and at the same time healthy preparations, strictly with natural products.

Economy kitchen

Csaba dalla Zorza leads us towards ethical, modern and sustainable cuisine. In this new program based on her latest book of the same name published by Tomasi Editor, the TV presenter shares her love of eating well and her interest in a greener diet, where seasonal vegetables and local produce are the foundation of her happy new housekeeper. In addition to preparing recipes with simple ingredients, Csaba also shares a philosophy of life that aims to minimize the impact of food on our monthly expenses, on the consumption of the planet’s resources and on the investment of time required to bring a meal to a working suit table.

A journey in the human body between science and recipes

Marco Bianchi combines science, diet, and emotions in a journey into the human body. Based on his book of the same name, the TV show takes the form of 6 episodes, each dedicated to a body part. The cook and science communicator accompanies us on a true journey into our bodies, consisting of science pills, shopping tips, numerous recipes and where the major organs of the body become the protagonists on the table.

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Don’t waste. Food surpluses and primary solutions

What can be done to reduce food waste? In Padua, the group “La cucina brigante” deals precisely with this: proposing solutions and making known the problem. Between public markets, technology, bins, and our refrigerator, we’ll explore different ways to prevent completely edible food from ending up in the trash.

Greetings to Marco

In Greetings with Marco, Marco Bianchi’s podcast, a journey into the world of science and good nutrition. In each episode, in the company of doctors and experts, the science communicator will guide us in discovering the secrets to feeling good and taking care of yourself and your health.


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