Intimate video of Roma employee stolen: players and managers share it in chat, but she is fired for “environmental incompatibility”

Intimate video of Roma employee stolen: players and managers share it in chat, but she is fired for “environmental incompatibility”

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The young woman's photos, which she took in an intimate moment with her boyfriend, were shared and commented on in the chats of football players, technicians and managers at Friedkin's club.

Football players, coaches and even some managers (from youth teams but not only). It seems that In Rome, a video of a young employee For the sports club, she was photographed in an intimate relationship with her boyfriend, He didn't just wander into the locker rooms But also in the halls of power in Trigoria. From cell phone to cell phone, from chat to chat, amid laughter and unrepeated sexual comments, as reported by the daily. at the moment These are just rumoursBecause it is from aboveFriedkin Company “He arrived dry”no comment» To the news. However, the news that, in addition to identifying a series of crimes related to the invasion of privacy, will be compounded by the decision He shot the girl on the spotwho has been working in Rome for almost ten years and who – if everything is confirmed – will be so Victim twice From this ugly thing.

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«Environmental incompatibility“This is the official reason for dismissal,” the lawyer wrote Lorenzo Vitale, Friedkin's legal director. “The matter has been brought to the attention of HR and senior management A video that unambiguously depicts you performing sexual acts. “Unfortunately, we realize that this video has been viewed by a large portion of the company's employees and players,” the young employee's dismissal letter read. Hence, “the continuation of your business relationship interferes with the peaceful and orderly progress of the company’s activity,” but Vitaly assures the girl (who is about thirty years old) of Payment of compensation for failure to provide notification. For the company, the question is closed.

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Steal video and share chat

Meanwhile, the stories multiply. Someone's talking about one A meeting in Trigoria in which “Primavera player He confessed while crying, in front of a number of people, that he was the one who stole the video from the girl’s mobile phone, and she asked to borrow it to contact her agent, then Let him roam among his youth team mates». Others reported “intense sexual comments on social media and internal conversations.” The incidents date back to last fall, when the video spread for several weeks It is even placed on the employee's door (in November), but he turned to a lawyer Francesco Francesco Bronzini, who has worked in recent months to find a peaceful solution: private negotiations, without submitting the case to judges, for the girl’s return to Trigoria. But for now, it does not appear that he has been able to extract any promises from Roma, which has also been accused of “failing to protect its employees from patently unlawful behaviour”.


As if that wasn't enough, those rumors about red light photos have now been added Career of the footballer who allegedly stole the video: Looks like he's about to make his debut In the Italian Leaguewithout serving even the minimum disciplinary action. For this alleged crime, he already had a mitigating alibi: he was actually going to announce that he had seized the video long before it went into circulation, when he was still a minor. As if Youth trick. But if a criminal complaint is filed, the public prosecutor's office could confiscate the cellphones of half the population of Trigoria to determine who passed the video to whom.

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