Trade, financial and critical agreements on the US role in Ukraine: the Lula-Shi alliance annoys (and could weaken) the US

Trade, financial and critical agreements on the US role in Ukraine: the Lula-Shi alliance annoys (and could weaken) the US

Take it with youThe journey of the Brazilian president is an expression of the change taking place in the world Ignacio Lula da Silva In China, which ended on Sunday a Brasilia. The chief, with a group of approx 73 politicians And businessmen, get it done in four daysHe looked forward to visiting the Far East, where he met Xi Jinping. On his way back to Brazil, at the request of the UAE chancellery, Lula stopped in Abu Dhabi, where he met Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to sign. Cooperation agreements.

Lula did not immediately land in the capital, Beijing, but A.J ShanghaiWhere he was welcomed by the former President of Brazil, Dilma RousseffHe was recently appointed to lead NBDevelopment Bank brix (Organization of Emerging Countries, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and is based in China. Although the idea of ​​BRICS was formulated in the United States by the former chief economist For Goldman Sachs, British currency expert Jim O’Neill in a 2001 study titled Building the best global economic BRICS countriesThe spirit of Rousseff’s inauguration was not pro-US financial. “Why can’t we do our trade backed by our own currency? Who has decided it’s the dollar?” Lula said in Rousseff’s inaugural address to the National Development Bank, as the president once again advocated using local currencies to free himself from the dollar’s dominant monetary policy, obtained in 1944 with agreements Bretton WoodsIn the United States, where the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were founded.

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“It is not possible – Lula’s pressure – to strangle economies as the IMF is now doing withArgentina. When the International Monetary Fund or any other bank lends to a third world country, people feel empowered to manage fees and manage the account of the country. As if countries have become hostages to those who lent money. In his speech, the economist Rousseff explained what his management policy would be at the National Development Bank, where 2021 Money is pouring in from the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Egypt and Uruguay. With a combined population of more than 3 billion With more than 25 trillion people and a GDP of more than $25 trillion, the BRICS countries are uniquely positioned to pave the way towards the development of a prosperous world and common development for all mankind.

Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed First Lady Lula and Rosangela da Silva on Friday, April 14, in a lavish ceremony at Heavenly Square in Beijing. The two chiefs then continued protocol in a confidential conversation. According to the Chinese press, the two leaders also talked about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, where they agreed that “dialogue and negotiations are the twothe only way dA successful way out for resolving the Ukrainian crisis.” Lula and Jinping signed 15 chords Include both governments. In addition, 20 other trade agreements have been signed between Brazilian and Chinese companies and public bodies. Conventions matter commercial exchangesfinance, agribusiness, technology, culture, communications and tourism. Lula’s visit to China underscores the preferential relations once again Brazil With its most important economic partner, after the conflicting relationship with the former president Jair Bolsonaro with Beijing. there China Development Bank It will lend R$6.5 billion Brasilia and Minister of Finance Fernando Haddad He said the Brazilian government “wants to re-industrialize” Brazil “with the support of Chinese investment”.

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Haddad also made it clear that he does not intend to exclude Brazil from United State. We’re making an effort to get close, we want US investment, but we’re really almost seeing divestment. In the previous government, many American companies stopped investing in Brazil. But we want to partner with these three major trading blocs: the United States, China and the European Union. The minister’s reassurances come amid strained relations between the two countries China And United State.

Competition for markets and political influence between the two countries has intensified in recent years, and the two countries accuse each other of arbitrary interference in areas of common interest around the world. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in 2022 that China is the only country currently capable of “reshaping” the international system. Lola And something It is clear that they are not just looking for trade agreements, but for strategic opportunities. Beijing sees Brazil as a strong ally to firmly establish itself in South America. in the travel report Lola In China, the Brazilian government emphasizes geopolitical defence Brazil for the Chinese, even against them Taiwan. The Asian country is a strong partner for Brazil to return to the arena of international politics and try to obtain the long-awaited permanent seat inUnited nations. “No one will stop Brazil from improving relations with China,” Lula said. The Americans did not like the Brazilian president’s statements, especially those related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, considering them an “insult”: “The United States should stop encouraging war and start talking about peace,” President Lula said before leaving for The United Arab Emirates. Although brief, Lula’s meeting with the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayedhas a symbolic value, because it links Brazil to the renewed international politics of the Arab countries, and above all after the historical rapprochement betweenKingdom of Saudi Arabia with the’IranWhich was done thanks to the mediation of Chinese diplomacy. The UAE is among Brazil’s three largest trading partners and the largest Middle Eastern investor in the South American country. The cash crisis at Credit Suisse came to a head when the Swiss company’s main shareholder, the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, refused to invest to save the Swiss institution. The rejection came after the Saudis announced investments in Irana country that Jerusalem and Washington consider the enemy par excellence, but it is very close to Brasilia and perhaps the next member of the BRICS.

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