It is absurd in Naples that the “No to war” banner cannot enter the stadium: the referee is Russian

A few minutes from Naples-Barcelona, ​​the authorities were prevented from entering the stadium with a “No to war” banner. The referee is Russian.

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Sports to promote a message of peace after the outbreak of war between them Russia and Ukraine. It was the intention of some supporters Naples This is a few minutes before the start of the return of the European League matches against a team BarcelonaThe authorities denied the possibility of bringing it on platforms Maradona Peace sign says: “No to war”. The reason is debatable: the presence of Russian rulers. This sentence on the sign has already been interpreted As a message of political value Given the presence (accidental a day) in the field Russian referee Karasev It ended without error in a real storm.

Also with him are assistants Igor Demishko and Alexei Lunev, as well as the fourth official, Kirill Levnikov. The banner in question wanted to bring inside the stadium “Ultras 72”, or an organized group of Curva B. An unexpected situation that becomes even more dangerous if we consider that in addition to the peace banners, Ukrainian flags were also banned from entering. The decision has been made from UEFA Which forced everyone not to create more problems after what happened, and also denied a message of peace that can only do good in a dramatic moment for Ukraine and the whole of Europe.

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This is not the first time that UEFA implements a site of this type. Indeed, even on the occasion of the recent European Championships, the mayor of Munich asked the European Football Association and the German Federation to light up the colors of the rainbow flag. The stadium that will host Germany-Hungary in support of diversity, tolerance and equality; Both are in controversy with Hungarian Parliament Laws which placed restrictions on the posting and sharing of content dealing with homosexuality and transgenderism for children under the age of 18. But the European Union denied that this initiative was clearly motivating: and indicated the reasons. or a political slogan.

That’s why Napoli decided instead to go anyway A message of peace before the two teams enter the field Show banner with inscription ‘Stop the war’. That is why the Blue Team, in a tweet, wanted to anticipate this initiative, which is of fundamental importance in these hours of anxiety, fear and dread for the events that Ukraine narrates. The mission of the sport is to promote peace and especially in events of this depth, with so many fans in the stadium and in front of the TV, it is important to show one’s position in a strong way by trying to put an end to the conflict, one between Russia and Ukraine. , which left the whole of Europe and the world of sports speechless.

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