Assistant referee, face full of blood and shock: What happened in the Spanish League

Assistant referee, face full of blood and shock: What happened in the Spanish League

A scene that, fortunately, is rarely seen in football stadiums, and which alarmed everyone who did not realize what had happened: during the match. La Liga Real Betis and Athletic Bilbao linesman Guadalupe Porras suddenly found herself with a bloody and sore face, and was forced to leave the match just a few minutes after the opening whistle.

the case

The decisive moment occurs in the 15th minute: the home team, Betis Sevilla, takes the lead thanks to a goal scored by Avila two minutes earlier. Suddenly, we see the assistant referee on the sideline, on the ground, with his hands on her face when one of the photographers working on the sideline immediately caught the attention of the referee and the fourth official: coincidentally, the assistant referee Boras Shocked One wildly camera Causing injury. With her face in pain, she was initially forced to sit in a small chair with emergency workers who immediately swabbed her face to prevent blood flow.

Incident dynamics

But soon after, the woman was transferred to emergency room Closer to the “Benito Villamarin” stadium in Sevilla for further investigations and examinations: everything happened with Boras' conscience. The match was stopped for several minutes and the assistant referee was replaced by his colleague Néstor Holgueras Castellanos. As reported by the Spanish sports newspaper BrandThe accident occurred because the touch referee was intent on following the home team's goal, without noticing the operator and the camera, which collided with her, causing her injury.

How is the assistant referee?

Assistant referee Guadalupe Porras Ayuso left the hospital in the capital, Seville, after undergoing several tests to confirm her condition after suffering a serious injury. Facial trauma He suffered an injury after colliding with the camera during the first division match between Real Betis and Athletic Bilbao. to intervene for every sewing The wound on his face“, we read in a memorandum issued by the Spanish League.

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The match continued in an atmosphere of tension and concern for Boras' health: As if that was not enough, about half an hour later another tense situation occurred on the bench due to Bilbao's player, Youri Persich, remaining a few minutes away from the field. Due to a nosebleed caused by a clash: His day was also a day to forget as he scored an own goal. For your information, the match ended 3-1 for the hosts: In the standings, Betis moved Sevilla to sixth place with 42 points, while the Basque club with this defeat slowed down their quest for fourth place in the third Champions League. Coach Simeone's team is superior to Atletico Madrid.

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