“It impressed me for a reason.” Then harsh criticism of another player in Juventus

Speaking on Sky Sports, former Juventus coach Fabio Capello spoke about some of the young Bianconeri, praising their qualities and not sparing them criticism instead of another midfielder in the first team. Below is an excerpt from his words.

About Merity

“I liked Meretti very much: he told the others to go there, stretch, move. This is a symptom of character and above all quality. A very interesting player. I didn’t mind Luca Pellegrini either, he is still a young boy. For Merretti, the fact that he played In the U23 third division it definitely had an impact, we are talking about a competitive tournament, real matches.”

on the bean

Juventus also has another strong player in the midfield, I’m talking about Fagioli. They sent him to Cremonese on loan where he played an excellent tournament, and also made his first-team debut. Perhaps they will bring him back to the team, because a player in this position is sending.

criticize the broker

Juventus didn’t have a great match against Venice. It was so slow that it scored from two angles. Which player do you need? A great midfielder who takes the team in his hand, has character but also quality: a player who also knows how to throw 50 meters and change pitch, not like a player who is now 10 meters left and right. Who am I referring to? Let’s forget… a foreign player.”

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