Over the Straits of Messina, there is a sunset like never before caused by smoke from the fires in Canada

Over the Straits of Messina, there is a sunset like never before caused by smoke from the fires in Canada

The massive cloud of smoke from the fires that has ravaged Canada for two months darkened the skies first over New York, then reached Western Europe driven by the Atlantic jet stream, and finally reached Spain and Portugal. Between yesterday and today, this amazing cloud of thick smoke also covered Italy, first in Sardinia and Piedmont, and then today also in southern Calabria and Sicily.

The cloud of smoke clouded the sky during our day, limiting radiation and thus also increasing temperatures during the day (in Reggio Calabria it did not exceed the maximum + 28 ° CVery nice value for the end of June. So, the sunset is amazing with yellow and red tones, as we can see in the photos accompanying the article. The cloud has become progressively denser and thicker in the afternoon, and could get even thicker tomorrow: the absence of winds in the central Mediterranean will determine its continuation for at least another 36 hours in the same areas.

This type of scenario is very frequent in the case of the Khamaseen winds that bring large amounts of sand and dust from the Sahara Desert to the Strait and southern Italy, but it may also occur due to the eruption of the Etna volcano or smoke from local fires. But always more limited. The feature that makes this scenario unique is that this time it is smoke from fires over 7,500 kilometers away. Really cool event!

Here are links for direct access to pages containing weather forecasts, particularly accurate in detail, for the geographical regions of southern Italy, Calabria and Sicily:

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To monitor the situation as best as possible weather forecast In real time, we provide below a list of pages with all the useful information to follow the minute-by-minute nowcast of meteorology:

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