Israel, special court for Hamas terrorists on October 7 – El Tempo

Israel, special court for Hamas terrorists on October 7 – El Tempo

Israel intends to establish a special court to try hundreds of Hamas militiamen who launched the attack on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,400 Israeli citizens and the kidnapping of at least 247. Israeli authorities do not believe that ordinary criminal law is the correct way to try these people. . Who participated in the terrorist attack. There is currently a discussion underway on how to bring to justice some two hundred Hamas terrorists who were captured in Israel following the invasion. According to rumours, the court should be granted special powers to conduct a landmark court case against Hamas, “to expose the goals, roots, financiers and activities of the deadly terrorist group to the world.”

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On the other hand, the Israeli army killed the commander of the Hamas-affiliated Zabrat Tal al-Hawa battalion, Mustafa Daloul. The Israeli Air Defense Forces announced this in a tweet, showing a video clip of the air strike that led to the death of another local Hamas leader. It was a “precise, intelligence-based operation,” the IDF specified. The Israeli army explains that the Zabra Tal al-Hawa battalion played a central role in the ongoing fighting against Israeli army soldiers in the Gaza Strip. Delul held various positions in the Gaza City Brigade and Brigade affiliated with the Hamas terrorist organization.

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