The Russo-Ukrainian War, WHO Direct: 72 Attacks on Health. Moscow: “Control of Donbass is the minimum goal.” Xi to Johnson: ‘Creating conditions for peace’

The Russo-Ukrainian War, WHO Direct: 72 Attacks on Health.  Moscow: “Control of Donbass is the minimum goal.”  Xi to Johnson: ‘Creating conditions for peace’

De Luca: “On working under the law that allows orphans to be adopted”

“We are working on making a proposal to Parliament national, to allow for a legislative change and to shorten the time frame for the adoption of our families for orphaned children in Ukraine to four months”. Vincenzo de Luca.

Kyiv: “The attacks are less severe than in recent days”

“In the past 24 hours there have been no significant changes: tactical measures are underway in which Ukraine has an advantage. The enemy has tried to hit all the territory of the country with missiles and missiles, but their intensity is less than in the past days.” Thus the adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, Oleksiy Aristovich, Briefing on the course of the fighting. “Mariupol and Sernihiv are resisting heroically,” Aristovich said, then gave special thanks to the territorial defense of the city of Slavutych, who managed to resist the attempt to attack the city.

CNN: “President Duda’s plane emergency landing”

The plane carrying the Polish president Andre Duda To meet Joe Biden RzeszowHe made an emergency landing after returning to Warsaw. Reports CNN.

Moscow: “No progress in negotiations”

We are actually not making progress on major political issues.” The Russian chief negotiator said that Vladimir MedinskyReports from Interfax reported on the talks between Russia and Ukraine. He added that attitudes have instead become “closer” on secondary issues

New anti-aircraft alert in Odessa

New anti-aircraft warning A Odessa. The sirens began sounding at 3.40 pm local time, after some shots were fired from Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns in the previous hours. At this time in Odessa the main activities are still running, people are on the street, and in the center, shortly after lunch, a performance of some artists was also organized to protest against the war

Moscow: “6,600 foreigners are fighting for Kyiv”

The Russian Defense Ministry said they are about to arrive 6600 fighters arrived from 62 foreign countries In Ukraine, at the invitation of the Kyiv authorities, to fight the Russian invasion. The ministry says, quoting TASS, that it is from “mercenaries and terrorists”.

Moscow: 1,351 Russian soldiers were killed

I 1.351 Russian soldiers have been killed so far in the invasion of Ukraine, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the same source, he was cited taxAnd the wounded 3,825.

WHO: 72 confirmed attacks on health, 71 dead

The number of verified attacks on health care in Ukraine since February 24, the date of the Russian invasion, “has risen A total of 72 dead and 37 woundedThis is the latest update from the World Health Organization (WHO), reported via Twitter by the WHO office in the conflict-affected country.

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