“We are here in the United States without being able to see Michelle’s body.”

“We are here in the United States without being able to see Michelle’s body.”

generous – Giorgio Cavallotti And Elenia KostiMy father is so-and-so Michel, the 22-year-old pilot and instructor who tragically lost his life in a plane crash on Tuesday evening The accident happened in Newberg, Oregon. They are in the United States with their youngest daughter, Marta, but they will not be able to see their son’s body until Tuesday. An autopsy has already been performed, but the boy’s body is still available to judicial authorities. The mother sent a voice message to her grandmother, Pirangela Mora, in which she explained the situation to her relatives in Italy“The trip – says Elenia – was exciting. The flight attendants spoiled us, the pilot dedicated the flight to Michelle, and all the passengers applauded. When we arrived there was a woman waiting for us and showed us all the necessary papers. We met a family Barrett Bevacqua, the other dead boy. An Italian man from Cremona accompanied us to the police, where an officer told us about the scene. We recovered Michel’s cell phone and his iPad. “They will unlock our passwords on Monday.”

The family is waiting to see their son. «Between Monday and Tuesday, the morgue will be set up – the mother continues. Now we want to talk to him Emily HurdThe girl who was on the plane with Michelle and Barrett to understand how things went. We saw Mitchie’s apartment and his car that he just bought. With us is Kaur, an Indian girl also from Cremona, who studied at the Locatelli Institute and also attends the Hillsborough Aero Academy». Aside from the cell phone and iPad, they were unable to take anything of their son’s personal belongings. He added: “Everything is available to investigators until the investigations are completed, which we were told would take between 18 to 20 months.” Emily’s testimonyWho woke up after doctors feared for her life, It will be necessary to investigate It will also help the parents of the two victims understand what happened to the small Piper PA-44 Seminole plane that crashed and ended up on the roof of a house.

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in the meantime, Hillsboro hosted a fundraiser, asking the entire aviation community to come together and offer assistance. A GoFundMe account has been created to expand Supporting the families of Emily, Michelle and Barrett. The funds raised will be used to contribute to the significant expenses needed to return the body to Italy. The three boys were on board the plane that took off from the academy shortly after 6 p.m. on Tuesday and crashed half an hour later. The dramatic scene was filmed by a 22-year-old from Newburgh. It is not known who was driving the Piper. Michelle was the teacher of the other two young men He was accumulating flying hours so that he could become a cargo plane pilot.

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