IBAN Code: Don’t give it to anyone, now the risks are huge and also pay attention to QR codes

IBAN Code: Don’t give it to anyone, now the risks are huge and also pay attention to QR codes

There will already be a large number of victims of the new scam spread across the Internet. what is he talking about?

Online scams are always lurking, and you don’t have enough time to spot one before they can actually invent another.

Be careful when giving Iban code and QR code: risk-computer-idea.it

It is very important to keep your eyes open, to be able to protect yourself from ad hoc scams, which are not easy to detect at that time. Here because Information and focus It is the most effective way to avoid falling into the trap.

In fact, bad actors are able to create links and send messages Pretending to be a bank, post office, revenue agency, etcThey then direct unlucky people to sites that look similar to the original sites in every respect, and using tricks they steal credentials and money.

People fall into scams every day, so it’s good to know what they are and how to protect yourself. Recently, a new type of scam has spread, this time It’s about the QR code.

Let’s find out together what it consists of and what you should do to defend yourself.

QR Code, the new online scam that empty your account

To be alerted about what’s new The QR code scam is ConfconsumatoriShe found herself helping people who fell into the trap of criminals.

QR Code: The new scam that steals your money
QR Code: the new scam that steals your money – Computer-Idea.it

Since it is a scam that is not yet well known, it is a good idea to understand what it consists of to better defend yourself. It is important to keep in mind that a QR code, framed by camera On your mobile phone, it allows you to access websites and other content, but also Make payments through banking applications.

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Rr token scam, aka Creating (instead of phishing), which consists of the use of fraudulent techniques based on the introduction of fake codes.

Bad guys deceive By installing a transparent cover over the original icons In places that people exposed to scams consider safe, including clubs, banks, supermarkets, etc.

They use it too Famous corporate brands to fake advertisements via flyers or posters Specially created ones that actually contain fake code to commit the scam.

Finally, They use fake discount couponsTo make sure people use it, especially in economically difficult times globally.

What happens next? Well, users who scan the QR code are redirected To a different site than the one they thought they were browsing.

Even without realizing the scam, Through fake links, sensitive information may be stolen. To avoid falling into the trap, it is always a good idea to check if the issuing source is reliable before scanning the QR code.

Also check shortened URLs and install security apps to stay safer.

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