A British doctor’s unusual discovery in his garden: “How did it get there?”

Ben Pesca, a cardiologist at the National Health Service in England (NHS, for short in English), went viral on social media after he shared a photo An unusual discovery in his garden. The doctor was found Fish on the grassWithout any pond or area with water near the area. “He was alive, I think, and I had no idea how I got there.”He said on social media, where he narrated the incident in detail.

But the story does not end here. actually, The fish, a golden carp, was alive Pesca decided to temporarily place it in an old drawer in the refrigerator, which she filled with water in an attempt to give it a second life. After this dead end, he shared a video of Small red fish in fish bowlConfirming that he “was happier in the tank that was bought in a hurry.” “Repeat with me: a hastily purchased temporary tank is better for fish than dying in the grass,” he jokingly confirmed about the strange and unexplained discovery.

Pesca’s post about fish piles up More than 19 million views To X and over 175,000 likes. Many users are trying to understand the truth about a fish appearing in the garden, and one of the most repeated theories is that the bird may have carried the animal in its mouth and it fell. Either way, this doctor has become a hero to the little fish.

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