The German government’s rush to limit the fourth wave, a message to doctors: “The third dose even for 18-year-olds, do not wait 6 months.”

In Germany, a third dose of the vaccine is on its way, which can be vaccinated for all patients 18 years of age or older, without waiting for the previous two doses to expire for six months. This was determined by the German Minister of Health, Jens Span, who sent a letter to the country’s doctors. The document was signed with the President of the Federal Federation of Houses of Medicine, Andreas Jassin. The decision was made after the sudden increase in the epidemiological curve indicating beyond 40 thousand Infections from Corona Virus Per day. Moreover, only in Germany 67.6% They underwent full vaccination and so far they have received a booster dose 4 million of people. from the public. It is a situation that prompted the government to think of a hypothesis, for example, that citizens would be accepted in public events only with negative tests even for vaccinations and those who were cured (2G Plus model). Moreover, the country is preparing to take it back smart work For all those who have the opportunity to perform their work from home.

The situation in the country

Meanwhile, the race for many landers has begun to exclude unvaccinated citizens from restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural events. 2G model that includes green lane Limited to vaccinated and recovered, except for tampons, it spreads like wildfire. To adopt it not only Berlin, but also Saxony – which today announced, among other things, that it wants to further tighten the procedures. pressing no fax It came into effect in Bavaria, and will be in North Rhine-Westphalia next week. The situation remains particularly serious in Saxony (where the weekly index has risen to 759,3), in Thuringia and Bavaria, where it remains above i 500Regional officials have repeatedly warned that the health system is almost on edge. So Saxony decided to expand 2G to retail stores as well, except for only supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Vaccine debate

With full vaccination coverage on 67.6% Of the population, Germany records 70.1% of people who took their first dose. Four million people underwent the recall process. According to a survey, the majority of Germans would prefer to make the Covid vaccine mandatory in a general way. On the other hand, the Social Democrats today have indicated that they are in favor of taxing some groups, as in the case of health workers, nursing homes and kindergarten workers.

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