Honda SH il Vetro: the “no-see” scooter – News

Honda SH il Vetro: the “no-see” scooter – News

Honda unveiled a series of new features for the SH scooter range: SH125i, SH150i, SH350i and SH Mode 125 have been combined SH Glass Equipped, like other models, with Euro 5+. The 2024 editions of the SH line will be available at official Honda dealers starting December 2023.

Picture of Honda SH glass

Honda has announced a number of new features for its SH scooter range, including a new version called the SH Vetro. This scooter features a semi-transparent green body that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 9.5% annually compared to traditional colors.

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SH glass: how it is made

It represents a new incarnation of the SH125i and SH150i models that will certainly be a hit in the European market. The SH Vetro is the result of the work of engineers at Honda’s Italian factory at Atessa (CH) in Abruzzo. The novelty lies in the car’s semi-transparent body (which is not a new idea for Honda, which had a “high-wheeled” Sky 50 in its catalog in the 1990s), In green, it is made of a special material that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 9.5% per year compared to traditional colors. This new livery features a black front fender and lower skirts, creating an eye-catching contrast with the green and white Honda logo and silver “SH” on the sides.

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