Isola dei Famosi, the salary issue explodes: incredible numbers for Ilary and the castaways

Isola dei Famosi, the salary issue explodes: incredible numbers for Ilary and the castaways
Shocking numbers on the famous Isola (source on the Isola website) – Lineadiretta24

A new case breaks out concerning this edition of Isola dei Famosi: the spending spree of presenter Ilary Blasi and the outcasts.

This new edition ofFamous Island He is alive now. The cast chosen for the production proved particularly crunchy. Within a few weeks, many brawls had already exploded and real factions had emerged.

Exclude some small controversy in the first weeks associated with the intervention Enrico Papi Towards the presenter, the audience seems to appreciate the team’s work as always. A regulatory machine that therefore works but also obviously costs a lot more.

In fact, details have recently surfaced about Crazy numbers The production of each episode is spent on the presenter and the competitors.

Isola dei Famosi, Salary Affair: All the Details

As usual for the host, commentators and crew Big Brother VIPeven for championsFamous Island There are very big rewards. Both the landlady and the Honduran contestants receive a stipend. As for the hostess Ilary Blasey It’s a fixed number, the situation is different for shipwrecked people.

The contestants of the well-known reality show, as in GF VipIn fact, they don’t all earn the same amount. The compensation in this case varies and is related to the profession but above all to the extent to which a particular face is known to the public. According to recently leaked rumors, it’s anyway The numbers are insane But let’s see everything in detail.

How much does each castaway earn (Source Isola) – Lineadiretta24

Ilary Blasey, how much does he earn on the island: mindless shipwreck

Profile personly People TV Reported in the last revelation made by the portal Dagosby Regarding the character slated for Blassie and the entire cast of the popular home reality show mediaset. According to these sensational rumors, the conductor will get approx 300 thousand euros for each edition from the program. A mind-boggling number if also combined with the weekly earnings that are instead set for competitors.

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In this regard he reads: Instead, each castaway receives between 5,000 and 10,000 euros per week. More popular people will get higher amounts. The disclosure inevitably prompted comments from users who, with an almost unanimous chorus, defined the numbers as exaggerated, some even speaking out. A real waste of money. However, there were also some conflicting voices that nonetheless emphasized how money matters in these cases set by the shepherd It was not picked up by the public.

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