Physiognomy and situational systems between art and science

The conference is wideOn Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May, an international conference entitled “A collection of signs: physiognomy and situational systems between art and science..

The event, which is being held as part of PRA 2022-48, is sponsored by Alberto Ambrosini, Sonia Maffei And Alexander Tosi.

Organizers: Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge of the University of Pisa in cooperation with: PhD in Art History and Performing Arts from the Universities of Florence, Pisa and SienaAnd Lemon Computer Methodologies Lab for Art History e CSCA – Italian Society for the History of Art Criticism.

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Thursday, May 11th

GIARA – Gipsoteca of Ancient Art and Antiquarium

3.00 pm – Greetings from the organizers of the conference and the opening session

First session


preside over Sonya Maffei

Michel Sassy (University of Pisa)
The Greek roots of physiognomy

Antonella Gersi (University of Turin)
Arabic Physiognomy: Origins, Specifics, and Applications

4.30pm – break

The second session

4.45 p.m.

preside over Alexander Tosi

Joseph Capriotti (Macherata University)
The Nose of the Jews: Testimony with Pictures and Critical Debate

Stephen Casati (Museum of Galilee, Florence) e Linda Bisillo (Italian Swiss University)
Body Library: The Anatomical Library digital collection. Reasons and Readability of a Text Collection (16th-17th Centuries)

Christina Gandelli (University of Florence)
Zoommorphic images of the international silent cinema

18:30 – discussion

Friday, May 12th

Palazzo Lanfranchi Painting Museum

Third session

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preside over Gianfranco Natalie

Sonya Maffei (University of Pisa)
Illustrious men and physiognomy in the sixteenth century treatises

Alfonso Paulella (door center)
Semiotics and Physiognomy at della Porta between the Graphic Arts and Current Research

Alberto Ambrosini (University of Pisa)
“For a certain outward expression and manifestation in the body of those things which the soul suffers inwardly”. The ways and feeling of representing the love between Lomazzo and Caravaggio

11:00 – break

Fourth session

11:15 a.m

preside over Alberto Ambrosini

Christina Galassi (University of Perugia)
“La Conference sur l’expression générale e partulièr des passions” (1698) by Charles Le Brun, physiognomy

Gianfranco Natalie (University of Pisa)
Darwin and “emotional” physiognomy

Thomas Cassini (IULM University)
Lombroso, Morelli, and Freud: The art and science of physiological evidence

13:00 – Final discussion and conclusion of business

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