Francesco Maurolico – Ichthyologist, Book of the Sea and Science

Francesco Maurolico – Ichthyologist, Book of the Sea and Science

Thursday 8 June at 4.30 pm, in the Aula Magna of the Maurolico High School of MessinaAnd Archeoclub Integrated Gorge Area and Zoological Museum of the University of Messina, volThere is no cooperation With Liceo Classico F. MauolicoAnd Present the book Francesco Morulico – The World of Fish.

A Sea and Science book focuses on an utterly charismatic figure, one that, many centuries later, still exudes fascination and interest, not only among eminent scientists but also among ordinary people.

Francesco Morulico, after whom a prestigious classical secondary school in the city of Messina is named, was an eclectic, energetic, and attentive lover of the most important disciplines of human knowledge. The multifaceted and intelligent scientist, not an ordinary person, gave prestige to the city of the Straits, and Messina, grateful, did not forget him.

Born from the collaboration of three passionate researchers, the book takes place between different chapters that delve into events relevant to the topic in question, always placing at the center the history of ichthyology, one of the oldest branches of marine biology.

From Herodotus to Moroleco’s Letter to Gil, a simple letter that made fundamental contributions to science.
So more than just a book about Maurolico, a book with Maurolico as a guide to the dawn of a study that will soon take shape and develop thanks to the scientists who will devote their lives to the study of the sea.

Francesco Morulico’s work can therefore be considered a milestone in ichthyology, because he paid attention scientifically to what before him was considered a mere nutritional approach.

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Moruliko is a first-hand testimony of how ichthyology is among the most intriguing of all scientific speculations.

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