Google Maps is pretty distracting, but now you can customize it: everyone uses it the wrong way, but that’s another thing entirely

Google Maps is pretty distracting, but now you can customize it: everyone uses it the wrong way, but that’s another thing entirely
Google My Maps, the new google section to customize your travel routes –

My Maps by Google Here is the invention that will help many people customize their experience with software that can create custom itineraries.

From today the customization of your maps and itineraries can be accessed through the My Maps section, but how do you use it?

Google Maps is one of the most used applications by everyone to manage their itineraries and travels. Its functions are many and range from Route calculation to be implemented evenEnter signs around specific points of interest.

Despite this, the advantages of using maps are still many and not everyone knows about their various functions. Over the years, in fact, developers have made this application more accessible and richer with various functions such as “traffic control” And customize the map by section cartographic.

Today, in fact, we are going to talk about this last function that allows you to customize your routes by saving the routes of the selected trip and measuring the distance.

New Google Update, My Maps is born

As mentioned earlier, this new section could really mark a turning point, above all because it allows extensive customization of one’s movements. But how do you proceed with the customization? The first step is sign in to to Google Maps via the desktop version. Below we will show all the steps to create your custom map:

  • Click on the menu button (in the upper left corner of the screen);
  • Click on the item “Saved”;
  • select the “Maps” item and click on the “Open my maps” item;
  • To start the new custom map it will be necessary to click on the “+” sign (in the lower right corner of the screen);
  • By unlocking the “Basic Map” level, it will be possible to choose different reference subjects (from satellite view to survey “);
  • Levels will be used to customize the map, and each level may contain a series of information such as an address or marker and also functions such as “route calculation”;
  • Once your map has been created and customized, the entire work can also be viewed on mobile devices with access to the same account used to access the maps from your computer.
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My Google Maps –

How to save the generated map

Once you have completed all the steps described above, you can proceed to Rescue and l sharing from the map with different users. The complete allocation which may contain itineraries and different measurements will appear in the section “save yourself” in the Google Maps menu. You can choose to display custom maps as the default in your account. But how will you go about getting involved? Just press a button “Involved” located next to the name of the custom map. This way you can show the link to anyone to share your journey with third parties. In short, we are talking about a function that is simple to set up and very intuitive. What are you waiting for to try it?

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