Aurora Ramazzotti, father of her son is attacked: the comments are shameful

Aurora Ramazzotti, father of her son is attacked: the comments are shameful
Aurora Ramazzotti –

A new barrage of shameful comments against Aurora Ramazzotti. This time, his partner appears to be at the epicenter of a hurricane.

An increasingly common trend is to insult celebrities on social networks. This is an alarming and harmful phenomenon. In fact, often because of the anonymity and virtual distance, people feel entitled to say whatever comes to their mind.

However, insults directed at celebrities often have serious psychological and emotional consequences. The unrestrained use of offensive language does not favor the possibility of constructive dialogue And polarization is born. This situation can also negatively affect teens, and generate more hate on social media.

Legalizing insults can normalize disrespect for the other and reinforce a culture of cruelty both online and offline. For this reason, social platforms must take responsibility for Address these acts of violence, and implement effective content moderation and promoting digital education.

Users themselves must use words consciously, taking into account their impact on others. rather than being insulted We should try to engage in smart and respectful conversations on social networks, in order to promote a healthier and more positive online environment for all.

Aurora Ramazzotti and comments against her partner

A lifelong victim of web haters, Aurora Ramazzotti had to suffer an avalanche of insults very bad in his life. So far, it doesn’t seem like she’s free to enjoy the holidays with her partner, Goffredo Sirza, and their first son, Cesar, which has unleashed an avalanche of negative comments.

Michelle Hunziker’s daughter posted a photo to social media showing her on the beach with Boyfriend and little home. The three are very happy and it is written in captivity: ‘My little men’. However, the girl’s followers started a series of unkind comments against her boyfriend.

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Comrade- Aurora- (1)
Goffredo Sirza and Aurora Ramazzotti –

Goffredo Sirza insulted on social media

The photo posted by Aurora Ramazzotti depicts her on a beach bed with little Cesare in her arms and her boyfriend by her side. but, Many have noticed that Goffredo did a lot of gymnastics It has, in fact, developed particularly pronounced pectorals.

This means that he has become the target of infuriating comments, such as the following: Goffredo Did you grow up to breastfeed?“; “But his chest … Is everything all right?”; Or: “But does the father breastfeed too?”.

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