Enel X, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo- Corriere.it initiatives

Enel X, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo- Corriere.it initiatives

The Superbonus tax credits that have been stuck amount to nearly $20 billion. After Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit also reopened the assignment of receivables through a securitization company of the EBS Finance Group. Another solution could be the one proposed by Enel X: a platform with a banking license that buys tax credits, certified as certain, liquid, and collectible from the first transferee, and acts as a bridge to transfer those credits back to third parties. The role of the first assignee, according to the model envisioned by Enel X, will belong precisely to the so-called Escos, companies operating in the field of energy efficiency.

How will the platform work?

The platform, which is supposed to start operating in June, will not be managed by Enel X, but by financial entities. according to 24 hours only The vehicle of the operation will be Artigiancassa, which is controlled by the Bnl Bnp group and Confartigianato participates in it, and the Iccrea credit cooperative group will also be in negotiations to buy a stake. The platform must issue bonds to buy credits which it will then sell to companies who will in this way be able to buy taxes and contributions. Individuals/companies who access the mechanism will benefit from the profit margin by purchasing credit at a slight discount close to the tax payment deadline and will have a reduction in the tax wedge.

What does UniCredit do?

On 3 April, Unicredit reopened the transfer market. The purchase is carried out by the securitization company of the EBS Finance group, which will subsequently transfer it to third-party clients. UniCredit announced that it has entered into 6 agreements with major players in the market for the transfer of credits. Another 11 deals are on the way. The economic conditions for the transfer proposed by Unicredit are: for Superbonus 85.80% of the face value of the tax credit due (equivalent to €94.38 for every 100 spent); For bonuses over 10 years, 70.00% of the face value of the tax credit is accrued (eg this means €35 for every 100 spent on the maintenance bonus); For bonuses extended over five years, 82.60% of the nominal value of the tax credit is accrued (eg this means €61.95 for every €100 spent on the award of architectural barriers).

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What does understanding do?

Intesa Sanpaolo was the first bank to implement the provisions of the aid decree to receive tax breaks, and in recent days it signed a new agreement with the Luiss Guido Carli University with a tax value of 60 million euros. “The bank has used and continues to use this tool on an ongoing basis and has entered into transfer contracts in excess of 6 billion euros. The goal is to continue to involve a large number of companies to reactivate the credit transfer market and the contract signed with the University of Luiss Guido Carli fully responds to this reasoning », the group explains in a note.

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