Iran | Israel says Rice’s election should “wake up” the major powers

(Jerusalem) The election of radical Conservative Abraham Rizi in Iran on Sunday pleaded for a “signal” for foreign powers to “get up” before returning to an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

He has been described in Iran as the “most extremist president” since the 1979 revolution.

Photo by Ariel Scolit, Archives Associated Press

The new Israeli Prime Minister is Naphtali Bennett

Naphtali Bennett, who took over from Benjamin Netanyahu as head of the Israeli government last week, has announced that he will be the winner of Iran’s presidential election on Saturday. Ricci, “not elected by the Iranian people, by [l’ayatollah] கமேனி.

“Choosing Russey is a signal that the powers that be are awake, a last-minute signal before returning to the nuclear deal, to allow them to understand who they are dealing with and what kind of regime they are in,” Bennett said.

Negotiations are underway to secure the 2015 Vienna nuclear deal on Iran by reuniting the United States, which withdrew from 2018 and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran.

Israel welcomed the “maximum pressure” on the US campaign, but now fears the United States will return to the deal at the instigation of new US President Joe Biden.

“We must quickly prepare for a return to the Iran nuclear deal,” Israel’s new foreign minister, Yir Lapid, said earlier this week, adding that “Israel will do everything in its power to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.”

“What is clear to all of us is that an execution regime should not have weapons of mass destruction,” Bennett said, taking a similar stance to his predecessor on Iran.

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Israeli military chief Aviv Kohawi has visited the United States to discuss the Iranian issue, and the election of Ibrahim Razi coincides with two armed movements close to Tehran, Lebanon Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.

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