March 23, 2023

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10 Amazon Black Friday 2022 deals that are great as Christmas gifts (nerds)

Do you want to take advantage of Black Friday to do some Nerdy Christmas gift / geeks? Or maybe you want to give yourself a nice gift? After all, you deserve it, right? Anyway, here we bring you 10 ideas (with a few products in fact) perfect for themed gifts, for all budgets and tastes. From action figures to board games and T-shirts to special edition books. However, this is only one of the many offers we have made. Find all others Black Friday Deals on our dedicated page.

Black Friday Amazon

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L0-LA59 (Lola) from Star Wars at a great discount

Have you watched the Obi-Wan series on Disney+? Do you think so too L0-LA59 (Lola) is the coolest robot ever? So you can’t miss the Animatronic edition with a discount of 50 euros for Black Friday. No, wait… what are you doing? You should give it as a gift, not buy it for yourself!

The Star Wars theme is also always Grogu, always in Animatronic version, always sold at a higher price. There is talk of a 43% discount.

MinaLima Harry Potter version

Magic The Gathering (Black Friday Sale!)

There are some interesting discounts on Magic this Black Friday. It is not an expensive expense and hence you can also consider combining several packages to make an amazing magic themed gift. The 2022 Starter Set doesn’t really cost anything and offers two sets of decks to expand upon as desired.

Dungeons and Dragons

Years have passed Dungeons & Dragons breathes new life. Wizards of the Coast launched the remake several years ago, and content continues to arrive to expand the game world. But what if you are a beginner? The new Storm Island introductory set of dragons has just arrived, perfect for getting up close and personal with this very special world. It is also ideal as a Christmas gift, for example, for teenage Stranger Things fans who have watched the heroes of the Netflix series in action.

And in case you want to go further, there are also guidebooks, but the price goes up. I admit I received it for Christmas in my teens (obviously an old edition), and it’s still in my library.

BRIVIDO, the backgammon game, at the best price ever

A snap every time, because it’s literally the perfect gift to give to a child aged six and over. That’s why Black Friday 2022 is at its lowest price ever with fast delivery within the next week.

xbox s

Giving a console for Christmas is a difficult task. But there is always Xbox Series S! It costs the right amount, is on sale on Black Friday, and with Game Pass guarantees hundreds of hours of fun.

Compact mechanical keyboard!

We’ve been giving you reviews on SmartWorld for a while now Very special mechanical keyboards. Among these, there are also AKKO models, one of the brands that we appreciate the most.

This model has an ISO layout specifically and is therefore similar to our layout with the big Enter key. For Black Friday, it’s 20% off, but the coupon must be applied before purchase. Uh, You can read the leaflet here.

BanPresto – Attack on Titan

There are two signed action figures BanPresto (very famous brand) dedicated Attack on Titan for Black Friday discount. They look like chibi, but are very, very cute. Perfect for the office, or for displaying nonchalantly among vintage-style decorations.

Puzzle Games!

With LEGO you will always be on your feet. Best gift for both adults and children. And recently LEGO itself clears adult sets, so feel free to give it to whomever the hell you want. In this regard, we refer to two groups, but in fact there are many more in the Black Friday discount And you can find them all here.

nerdy t-shirt

The Gift That Never Goes Out: The Nerd T-shirt! There are many discounts on Black Friday, including the Hellfire Club, an obvious reference to the final season of Stranger Things, something related to Star Wars and even some other ideas!

This was 10 nerdy gift ideas Discounted on Amazon’s Black FridayBut offers They certainly don’t end there.

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