iOS 16, New iPhone Operating System News – Hi-tech

iOS 16, New iPhone Operating System News – Hi-tech

Apple unveiled iOS 16 at the Wwdc 2022 Developer Conference in June. The latest iPhone operating system, which is expected to be released on September 12, offers further customization throughout the user experience, starting with the lock screen.

lock screen – With iOS 16, you can actually customize the lock screen by tapping in any area to change the font and text colors. The “complications”, which are essentially user interface elements, can be combined to expand access to different functions and applications, without unlocking the phone. Three can be added to the lock screen, while the Now Playing view is moved down for easy thumb access. Similar to switching between faces on the Apple Watch, you can also swipe between different lock screens on the iPhone, so you can access different widgets as needed.

Notices – Notifications are also getting improvements, with ‘Live Activities’, which are alerts essentially like locked widgets, with which to check match score, track package delivery progress, and more. Traditional notifications have a new design, with more animations. You can also choose to display them in an expanded list, stacked, or in hidden mode.

Messages – “Undo Send” is definitely the main novelty of messages. This allows you to delete a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it, for example if you realize you have the wrong sender. Similarly, you can edit the text within a quarter of an hour when sending a message from iPhone to iPhone. Dictation has also been improved, with the opportunity to seamlessly switch between voice and touch inputs, so you can quickly type text or move your cursor without having to stop dictating.

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Accessibility Apple is improving iPhone accessibility with new features such as detecting doors and reading signs around them, for instructions on how to unlock them. There’s also the ability to view live subtitles in a FaceTime call, control your Apple Watch from your iPhone, put on hold phone calls with Siri, and more.

wallet – Apple Wallet receives privacy improvements, with ID verification enabled for third-party apps. Apple Pay Later, a payment method that automatically splits purchases into four interest-free installments, and order tracking, which allows you to see the latest information about orders paid with Apple Pay, debuts.

Apple Maps – Maps will finally let you store recent trips in the app and send them to your Mac or iPad. You can add more stops on one route, and during a trip, ask Siri to add another destination hands-free. “Look Around,” Apple’s version of Google Street View, is opening up to third-party apps that will be able to integrate immersive viewing into their software. Finally, without leaving Maps, there will be the possibility to pay for tickets for public transport, passing through cards and routes already entered into Apple Pay.

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