Lewis Hamilton is a throwback, but he can't even pass the first level of driver

Lewis Hamilton is a throwback, but he can't even pass the first level of driver

It's not every day you see a Formula 1 legend dedicate himself to it ReplayBut this is what is shown in the video below where Lewis Hamilton Dedicates himself to a series of PS1 games, and also shows great knowledge of the catalog, although the first level of Drivers results It's hard for him too.

The official Mercedes channel has published the bizarre film in question, in which Hamilton puts himself to the test through a series of games from his childhood and youth, in particular a selection of titles from the first PlayStation that many others have probably spent a lot of time on. Hours years.

Obviously we are talking about different things Driving games, such as F1 2000, Gran Turismo, Ayrton Senna Kart Duel and Driver. The last match is the match that captures Hamilton's attention the most, and it is the first title that he plays with great enthusiasm in this particular session.

Dark souls of racing games

Then the driver had different consequences

While the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion explains that he now mostly plays Call of Duty and Fortnite, in the meantime we see him trying to pass the difficult initial level of Driver, in which we must complete a series of tests to prove the ability to drives, and apparently Fail over and over again.

Hamilton also explains that his first console was a Nintendo first, but he also owned a PS1, but according to him, it was resold to buy a new helmet, which his father then painted.

After that amarcord moment, he tried Driver again but couldn't pass the first level, as he himself admits, so he gave up and then moved on to F1 and the more “quiet” Gran Turismo.

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