While skiing in the Alps, Kildee risked his life in Wengen. A deep cut to the leg and a suspected femur fracture

While skiing in the Alps, Kildee risked his life in Wengen.  A deep cut to the leg and a suspected femur fracture

Alexander Aamodt Kilde risked his life in the fall of Wengen (Switzerland) During today's descent is valid for the 2023-2024 Men's Alpine Skiing World Cup. The Norwegian hero in fact, He ended up in front of safety nets after falling into “Ziel-S”.. Too much fatigue (the player born in 1992 was also recovering from the flu that weakened him) cost the 2020 Crystal Ball winner dearly.

The fall didn't seem that dramatic at first, but… The consequences were terrible. Mikaela Shiffrin's boyfriend reportedly got Noticeable cut on the leg Because of the ski edge. As seen on the white snow, The blood loss was copious Only emergency services intervene, and a Tourniquet, they avoided worse problems. In short, there was a risk of a repeat of the terrible fall Gernot Reinstadler In the 1991 trials, at the same point, that cost the young Austrian his life.

But, at the same time, the Baerum citizen also reported more information Serious damage. He has been hospitalized since early afternoon in the hospital InterlakenThe Norwegian skier was injured, according to what was reported by some media outlets in his country Displaced fracture of the femur in the right leg. Moreover, according to what Austrian TV revealed, it is possible that he is there as well shoulder problem, But to a lesser extent. However, it could have been much worse for all we know. Now the Scandinavian will undergo surgery to repair the fracture.

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The White Circus, at this point, is questioning itself. There is another serious injury arriving at this World Cup. After the knockouts of Marco Schwarz in Bormio and Alexis Pinturault and Marco Kohler in Wengen, the situation has become worrying. In hindsight, adding an extra race on the Lauberhorn was a real gamble. Aleksander Aamodt Kjelde's injury therefore risks sparking inevitable controversy.

Photo: La Presse

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