“Involved in deportation of Ukrainian children” – Corriere.it

“Involved in deportation of Ukrainian children” – Corriere.it

• Kiev: “The turning point in the conflict is approaching, 2024 will be decisive.”
• “Russian bombs on thermal power plant and gas pipeline”
• The European Union presents the new sanctions package imposed on Russia to countries
• Kiev: Two rescuers were killed by Russian missiles in Zaporizhia

07.22 am – Russia bombs 5 communities in the Sumy region

Russia Bombing 5 communities in the Sumy region. Russian forces bombed five communities in Sumy Oblast on November 16, firing at least 10 times throughout the day, according to the Sumy Oblast Military Administration. This was reported by the Kyiv Independent newspaper.

The Russian army targeted several gatherings with shells, mortar launchers, and grenades. The Druzhbevka community suffered the most severe attacks, as 26 explosions were recorded in the area. Communities near Ukraine’s northeastern border with Russia are subject to daily bombardment, exposing residents of these vulnerable border settlements to multiple attacks every day. No injuries or damage were reported after the attacks.

03.05 am – Anti-aircraft warning in four regions of Ukraine

Local media reported that air raid warnings were issued in four regions of Ukraine in the early hours of this morning. Sirens sound in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Khmelnitsky.

02.18 am – US report: “Belarus is involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children”

The Conflict Monitoring Programme, a program supported by the US State Department, published a report accusing Belarus of involvement in the systematic removal of children from Ukraine in the context of the war. This report was issued by the US Department of State Spokesman’s Office. According to the Yale Human Research Laboratory, a partner in the program, more than 2,400 children between the ages of 6 and 17 have been transferred from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine to Dubrava and 12 other facilities in Belarus, where many are undergoing political and cultural rehabilitation. Military education and training serves the political interests of Belarus and Russia. The report concludes that these operations are coordinated at the highest levels of both governments and are facilitated by both countries’ security forces and extremist nationalist armed groups.

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