The voice of farmers is heard in Parliament and the government opens its doors to basic agricultural income

The farmers made themselves felt on Tuesday Inside and outside ParliamentA public session was held devoted to the situation in the sector.

In the hall, representatives of four entities spoke, confirming that they were on a tightrope and asking questions That they are once again recognized as an essential activityas well as emphasizing the need to reduce bureaucracy and ensure that water use is not criminalized, despite the drought.

In contrast, the government insisted that redundant bureaucracy depended primarily on Europe and the ministry, but it opened the door to more bureaucracy. Basic agricultural income Or create Catalan insurance.

Simultaneously with the plenary session, approximately 200 farmers They gathered at the doors of the Catalan Chamber.

Coming out, Plataforma Pagesa spokeswoman Emma Puigkorbe asked politicians to go beyond showing good faith.

Right now it's all words, not action. We are awaiting approval for the first measures we need to continue working on Thursday; “Nothing ends, everything begins,” he said, expressing his “disappointment” at the supposed “lack of respect” that they were only able to speak for four minutes in the plenary session.

“We were being led on a tightrope.”

Puigcorby was the first of the four representatives of the entities to enter the room He made politicians accountable From the protests in recent weeks:

“It is their fault, because of the mismanagement they have implemented over decades through outrageous policies that have led the farmers of this country to a tightrope.”

The Plataforma Pagesa representative also warned that “either agriculture will once again be recognized as a priority essential activity, or farmers will Don't stop showing us“.

The situation of farmers focused on the plenary session of Parliament on Tuesday afternoon (ACN/Arnau Martínez)

Likewise, a representative of the platform that held most of the recent events complained Putting an end to bureaucratic duplication And with the Nature Agency, in addition to reopening the regional offices of the department “as a place of assistance and support” and for the sector’s participation in the management of the Catalan Water Agency.

“We are probably the sector most aware of untilIn addition to advocating small daily actions like “eating pears for breakfast, not tropical pineapple,” he noted.

“The chain is not working”

On behalf of the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia, Ramon Sarroca pointed this out Food value chain 'not working' He does not represent them.

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He also criticized that “justifying environmental consequences by putting more pressure on farms and ranchers without increasing the budget is inconsistent and we cannot ask that of anyone.”

Saroka asked: “What have we been doing in the past 20 years?” He noted that the sector “is not able to do this anymore” and demanded that they not be criminalized for their crimes.'Use water:

“We produce food, we don’t spend or waste it.”

In turn, on behalf of the Young Farmers and Ranchers of Catalonia (JARC), Joan Carles Masot The entity has been claimed to operate In recent years – in a clear indication of the emergence of new voices such as Plataforma Pagesa – it has requested government support in this sector.

By Masot, This is not the time to ask to resign To Counselor Mascourt, but to ask him to roll up his sleeves:

“You have to understand everything that is happening. This is not the time to ask for resignations. I ask you to confront the situation with proposals that have an economic return for livestock breeders and farmers. We are not calling for changing the name of the ministry. We want real changes for the sector.”

The last to intervene on behalf of the sector was Joan Caballe, from Unió de Pagesos, who pointed out Aging Of people working in agriculture and livestock raising and not involving young people in this work.

Joan Caballe spoke at the plenary session on behalf of the Farmers' Union (Parliament of Catalonia/Sergio Ramos Ladivisa)

Cabal also called for protection of the “small and micro enterprise” model against… a race Imports from outside the European Union:

“Don’t do today what happened in the last two plenary sessions: 10 years later, there are still issues to be resolved.”

Mascourt opens the door to basic agricultural income

During the plenary session, Climate Action Advisor David Mascourt spoke, who supported and defended the sector's demands His government is “the only one” that has “always” stood by the farmers.

Mascort has opened the door to the creation of Catalan agricultural insurance (Kiki Rincon/European Press)

The consultant has opened the door to one study “basic agricultural income” Which gives priority to young farmers and small producers, and I have also thought of setting one up “Private insurance system” In Catalonia to cover the conditions that now exist outside Agroseguro.

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According to Mascourt, the sector's demands are “understandable” and “legitimate,” and “agriculture is necessary. It expects everything and deserves everything.”

He also urged the parties to reach “consensus” on this matter Change the name of your section It includes agriculture, livestock and fisheries, which ultimately depends on the government's decision.

Aragones: “It is better to promise little and deliver everything”

In turn, said the state president, Pere Aragones, who told farmers that “it is better to promise little and deliver everything,” although he pointed out that there are many aspects that They are not in the hands of the general governmentSuch as the country's implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

In fact, the President asked La Moncloa to amend the Food Chain Law and the Common Agricultural Policy. In this line, the head of the executive body confirmed this You don't want to “misunderstand” anythingRather, he should comply with what is in his hands, and strive to change everything that does not depend on him.

Pere Aragones took the floor to respond to the entities' demands (Kiki Rincon/Europa Press)

Opposition criticism of the government

The plenary session once again highlighted the contradictions between the government and the opposition. Junts, the group that requested the plenum, directly targeted climate action adviser David Mascourt.

Albert Pattett remembers Mascourt was in office for eight years Responsibility in the Ministry:

“Something is not working. The country has already failed us, and we will not make firewood from the fallen tree. But a turning point is needed.”

Salvador Verges also spoke on behalf of the Junts. “The sector requires less paper, more money and less prestige.”The Gents deputy concluded that he believes that the sector cannot continue in the current situation.

Together they proposed holding a plenary session on agriculture (Parliament of Catalonia/Sergio Ramos Ladevesa)

For this reason, they are asking the Catalan Executive to promote the draft law to remove the bureaucracy of the first sector, which is oriented towards a single window philosophy and Turning management's silence into positivesIt advocated changing the name of the department in addition to studying the possibility of moving it outside Barcelona, ​​among other measures.

At the beginning of the PSC, Salvador Ella He accused the government of not standing on an equal footing with farmers:

“It was late and bad. They did not want to find or search for solutions until after the roads were closed and the demonstrations continued.”

The Socialist also requested that the commitment to sustainability not be at the expense of the economic viability of the sector and criticized the Catalan executive He did not seek collusion For the entire sector.

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Salvador Illa criticized the government's actions (EFE/Quique García)

“If it's about being a builder, count on us. For the pictures, for Urgent fishing in the pre-election market And other things like that, forget my collection.”

Subordinate cupDani Cornella criticized the stifling of small-scale agriculture by big industry, which he says is the equivalent of European agricultural policy.

Cornella called for urgent measures, such as developing a food chain law, to force distributors to pay a fair price to producers.

“Neither a farmer nor a lesser farmer,” said CUP MP Dani Cornella (Parliament of Catalonia/Sergio Ramos La Defense)

By commonEnrique Bárcena called for a discussion of a “systemic” paradigm change through a national charter so that the agriculture and livestock sectors would be “strategic”, stop speculating and establish a link between producers and consumers.

Bárcena also chose environmental policies “that do not conflict with agriculture and agriculture,” such as making irrigation systems more efficient.

for every Citizens Marina Bravo spoke, criticizing that the sector “does not stop receiving complaints and accusations due to environmental problems.”

In this sense, he noted that society must “provide understanding” of the demands of agriculture and ensure that those who devote their efforts to it can do so “with dignity.”

for every FoxIgnacio Garriga criticized the “financial and bureaucratic hell” in which “socialists and separatists” have transformed Catalonia, while Alejandro Fernandez, of the People's Party, defended the sector as “pioneering” and allowing farmers to compete in a free context. Trade that guarantees them “equal conditions”.

Fernández showed his willingness to vote in favor of proposals put forward by other groups such as the CUP (Parliament of Catalonia/Sérgio Ramos Ladevesa).

Protests at the doors of Parliament

Coinciding with the general session, about 200 farmers gathered noisily. With shrapnel and saw To make the political class feel its discontent at the doors of the Catalan Chamber.

About 200 farmers and ranchers gathered in front of Parliament to make their voices heard (Europa Press/Lorena Supina)
Agricultural organizations called for a protest outside the doors of the Catalan Chamber (EFE/Quique García)
The sector demonstrated at the gates of Parliament coinciding with the plenary session (Europa Press/Lorena Supina)

Meanwhile, inside, the meeting began with applause from all the representatives directed to the shepherdess Marina Villalta, 96 years oldThose who followed the session from the guest area:

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