The story of the night with China Suarez

Hot new background stories keep popping up on the night of passion Mauro Icardi NS China Suarez They were staying in a famous hotel in Paris. Escape will happen Thanks to the complicity of Jacob von Plessen, Icardi’s son-in-law, her boyfriend Zira Nara: “What I’m about to tell you, neither Wanda nor Zira knows, but Jacob ended up sleeping in the car to cover Mauro. – I showed Yanina Latorre During programma tv Los Angeles de la Mañana – He would be afraid of Zaira and did not dare to spend a euro to stay in the hotel.”. But that night there was another person with them.

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Love Icardi and China Suarez: Discover a luxury hotel in Paris

Wanda Nara has a house full of cameras: the rear on the icardi-china case

“The complicity comes more from the polo side than from the football side. At first Icardi didn’t talk about it in the dressing room, then he did, but at first he didn’t want to say anything. – Added Latorre – its name Facundo Llorente He is the one who covered Mauro. Poor jacket has no flaws, he has found himself in the middle. When Zira and Wanda left for Milan this weekend, China arrived at the hotel Royal Monsu In a room Mauro reserves in his name; I don’t know if he paid for it or if PSG are giving it to him for free. Ago house in Wanda In Paris full of cameras, she would have realized if he had come back alone…”.

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China Suarez's mysterious social video: A message to Icardi?

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China’s mysterious social Suarez video: A message to Icardi?

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