ATP Finals, Djokovic “I beat an unbelievable player” – last hour

ATP Finals, Djokovic “I beat an unbelievable player” – last hour

“I beat an opponent who played unbelievably, had a lot of courage and confidence in his ability to win. There were a lot of expectations for me to see if I would win and finish the year number one in the world rankings. “We have a very similar match, sometimes I feel It’s like I’m playing with a mirror. He’s a young man, and I thank him for letting me win tonight,” commented Novak Djokovic in the post-match interview on the win over Holger Röhn in his first appearance at the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin.

“I really appreciate the support I have in Italy – I always feel at home in this beautiful country. I was very emotional. I apologize to the kids for smashing their rackets, I’m not proud of it but it happens,” he added. “Sometimes there are a lot of emotions and a lot of pressure on the pitch. I’m a man like everyone else.”

Finally, Djokovic said: “I don’t want to think too much about my sporting history and the results I have achieved: the only formula for success for me is to look forward and think about the next challenge. I realize that I have had a lot of success and I am at a great moment in my career, but if you want To stay at the level of these guys, I have to work harder than them.”

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