Intimate and welcoming living room, this is the element that cannot be lost: it is accessible to everyone

Intimate and welcoming living room, this is the element that cannot be lost: it is accessible to everyone

The living room is the room dedicated to hospitality, regardless of one's style and tastes, and we can enrich it with a specific element.

Fashion, as we know, changes, and thus changes the way the home is furnished, including the living room. However, it must be said that there are elements that are “evergreen”, and in fact they regain their importance over time.

Therefore, even in a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, we do not have to focus exclusively on what is high-tech or cutting-edge.

Maybe someone has already guessed what we're talking about, or maybe Sometimes, we don't pay much attention to the evidence in front of our eyes. So, this is the pivotal element to making the living room a truly welcoming room.

Living room, in this environment, a certain piece of furniture should never be missing

If in the shared imagination the living room is a room for relaxation and conviviality, so is the sofa, but it is also an “accessory” that is increasingly rare today. Let's talk about the stove.

Fire has always been seen as an element of luxury in the living room –

Living fire has always brought back feelings of atavistic well-being, because man found in fire a precious friend that allowed him to survive but above all to develop.

there he is A particularly welcoming living room should include a fireplace, a comfortable sofa and a TV. Maybe from the latest generation. Of course, the first idea goes to the classic wood-burning fireplace, but it is not always possible to carry out major construction work, at least with regard to chimneys.

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But fortunately we have others available Solutions able to combine comfort, functionality, energy saving and environmental sustainability in one furniture accessory. In this case we are talking about Bio ethanol stoves.

This type of fireplace has a great visual impact, because The flame emerging from the liquid is practically the same as the flame burning in wood. This is an ideal option for those who, for example, are not able to create chimneys that can be used in a convection fireplace or classic fireplace.

In addition to these aspects, it must be said that bioethanol fireplaces have other advantages. First of all, there is a wide range that meets the needs of every style: Different models can actually recreate classic models or look very modern and tailored. The heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol is slightly lower than that of wood but the liquid certainly does not hold the dirt (ash, dust, charcoal…) typical of a wood-burning fireplace.

And the The ideal combination would consist of a sofa, a bio-ethanol fireplace and a large screen placed above. An irresistible combination that makes the living room very comfortable and welcoming like never before.

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