Stellantis leaves Italy, and this announcement causes great anger in the country: it shocks everyone

Stellantis leaves Italy, and this announcement causes great anger in the country: it shocks everyone

Stellantis leaves Italy? Here is the announcement that shocked everyone. Today’s edition of “Il Fatto Quotidiano” reveals the recklessness that fires the hatred of the critics of the well-known Italian-French group. Details here

More frank than the Italian: this is the accusation made by car enthusiasts in our country StellantisA giant and a giant of four wheels in Europe and the world. This is demonstrated by the new production of the group, which will produce 24 of the following models in France and only 13 in Italy. A puzzling situation, as analyzed in today’s edition of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, which immediately highlighted the situation by focusing on an announcement that did not go unnoticed.

Stellantis, what future in Italy? (ANSA)

Any advertisement? What Stellantis is published on Immobiliare.itIt offered one of its factories in Italy for sale. Another sign that fuels the hatred and indignation of critics of the well-known Italian-French group, who scatter some evidence here and there. Clues that lead one to believe in a fruitful farewell to our country, and to land elsewhere, and to do so at more competitive and less demanding prices. Therefore there is a Escape plan for Stellantis? If it does exist, does it actually exist in a silent and contained way? A question that “Il Fatto Quotidiano” asked itself in its in-depth analysis and tried to answer in this way.

Stellantis says goodbye to Italy? “Il Fatto Quotidiano” investigates the Italian-French group’s escape plan

As the well-known newspaper wrote, the first signal was the call for this Stellantis It sent the components to its suppliers. 80% of production will now be directed to low-cost countries in Asia, where in the meantime the well-known Italian-French group is making important alliances to gain decisive access to the Chinese market as well. What remains for Italy? A future full of vague promises, cost containment and layoffs. The same thing happened to the Mirafiori and Melfi plants.

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Stellantis is leaving Italy, this is the announcement
Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis (ANSA)

To complete the picture of a group directed more towards France than Italy, there is its behavior CEO Carlos Tavares. He hardly participated in negotiations and negotiations with the Italian General Automobile Authority Number One Stellantis You still do not consider that our country has a potential major role in the transition towards electricity and zero emissions. All factors that should not be underestimated and which raise an important question: Will the future of the four-wheel drive giant remain in Italy? or Stellantis Have you already decided to say goodbye? Future generations will rule.

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