Inter: Madrid is not a test, because Inzaghi has already achieved his goal Primabagina

Inter: Madrid is not a test, because Inzaghi has already achieved his goal  Primabagina

Let's say that first, to avoid any misunderstanding. On Wednesday, Inter are playing to reach the last 16 of the Champions League, not their season. It will not be easy, as the result of the first leg is not a life insurance policy. Favorite, but not so much. Regardless of the final, it was the most complicated match that Inzaghi has played in these years in Europe. Liverpool does not count in 2022: at that moment much stronger, very advanced, Even if he left the camp afterwards with some minor regret.

A seat at the table of Europe's top eight is the least you'd expect Of those who reached the final the previous year, but the match in Madrid will not be a test, the line between a yes season or a no season does not apply, this should be clear to everyone, but it is correct to repeat it. Inter have set themselves a goal this year: to win the Serie A title and get their second star. Finished. All we are missing is the accounting certificate. Everything else is a result, including the dangerous crossroads with Simeone, a friend of Inzaghi and Inter.

Winning the set would have allowed for an easier draw. With only Paris Saint-Germain avoided, Inzaghi attempted to do so by putting the tournament ahead of the Champions League in the autumn. Debutants in Italy, rotations in Europe, even huge ones, as happened for the first time in San Sebastian or comprehensive rotations as in Lisbon. A missed goal, but as Marotta has said many times since July, that was not the real goal of the season.

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And if you look closely, this choice has also paid off, because today's Inter – and not just its ranking – She is also a child of those choices. There are those in Europe who have gained experience and confidence, and have returned with interest in the championship, when necessary. Think only of Pesek or Aslani, but also of Carlos Augusto or De Vrij, who certainly did not lack experience, but regained a level of performance that seemed lost.

We have praised Inzaghi's work many times, Engineer of this team. Able to put things back together better than they were, after taking them apart every summer, like going to the Champions League final and starting over with 12 new players. It wasn't easy, but in the end Inzaghi managed to get everyone on his side, including those who “criticized him for motivation”, like Marotta. It is right to praise him again on the eve of the exam, to remember that, but before an important match he will try not to lose, and that is enough to enter the top 8 teams in Europe again. Who knows, maybe the best has yet to begin.


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