February 1, 2023

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Criscito and Sirigu avoid the worst in Griffin

Salvatore Sirigu (Photo by CFC Tanupres Genoa)

Spezia doesn’t close the game and Genoa gets a point off the top: Grifone is once again at a disadvantage. We publish below the report cards for Piantagnoa 1893.net to heroes Spezia Genoa, as a result 1-1.

Genoa 5 – Risk breakdown, unexpected lottery cure

Serigo 7 – The Italian League is attributed to him the unfortunate goal from behind, and he saved Genoa with two great chests before Criscito’s goal.

Cambiasso 6 – Like all Genoa, he attacked a few times outside the half of the field: he comes out abruptly (46′). Birachi 5 – The full-back in a four-way defense is not his role)

Macielo 6 – In the second half Ballardini leaves him alone against two Spezia runners, that’s not the right way to help a class of ’86

Vasquez 5 – Cole electrocuted him, swinging in an impromptu line

Cristo 7 – The captain does not miss another intense penalty kick: he even closes from the left wing

Bahrami 6 – He deserved a T-shirt at the start, an hour full of order and physical presence (62′ Kaiseido 7 – He gets the penalty with a clever trick, Provedel takes the bait: with Destro he gives more weight to Genoa’s attack)

Rovilla 7 – Rapid growth, now a mini leader

badge 5 – opaque performance, post (75 degrees) Galdams 6 – In the second minute of recovery he has a ball between his feet which can become fun if it goes into the penalty area)

gallon 5 – Does not give depth to Genoa, can bring something as a substitute when the game is undisciplined (66 Pandev 6 – Enter with the griffon when attacking, the thread of the attack section full of men)

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right 6 – He does not score, and this is news: isolated for long periods of the match

Ecoban 5 – Insufficient sprint, missing initial support (46′ Storaro 6 – The usual generosity, in recovery distracts a dangerous cross from Ferrer with his heel)

Jordan coach 5 – “Bus” has been reviewed for a while, measurements are lost and also restored thanks to errors on the La Spezia side

Seasoning 5 – Provedel 5; Ferrer 7, Christov 7, Nicolau 6, sticks 6; Kovalenko 6, Major 6; Strelec 5 (59′ Colley 8), Salcedo 6 (77′ Antiste 6), Gyasi 6; Down 5 – Coach Thiago Motta 6