“Injustice, I paid for the service.”

“Injustice, I paid for the service.”

Once upon a time, they were simply called “buffet” restaurants and offered a wide range of prepared foods that all customers could draw from as many times as they liked and then return to the table with a full plate (and eventually also a belly). Today, the formula called “All you can eat“, an English phrase that literally means “all you can eat.”

Naturally, places that provide a similar service rely on a certain balance between those who eat a lot and those who do not, and this allows them to maintain a profit margin.

In the current case, the TikToker creates content by eating incredible amounts of food for hours and hours at buffet restaurants, but in this case her boss didn’t particularly like it and after four and a half hours ordered her to stop eating and leave the place.

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The heroine of the story is Madison, a young girl who often posts videos about her amazing adventures in buffet or “all-you-can-eat” restaurants. In a previous challenge, Madison spent 12 hours eating at Golden Corral and Pizza Buffet, and came away looking healthy and ready for the next adventure.

In this case, the “prey” was the restaurant Hibachi. The video shows, as in the other cases, the girl heading to the buffet and filling her plate, while the clock strikes, hours pass and the pile of empty plates increases. However, at a certain point, he returns to the table and all his dishes have been cleared. So the young woman demanded an explanation and the waiters told her they couldn’t allow it: “They say I ate too much,” Madison writes, “at the all-you-can-eat buffet… Maybe I took it all.” Can I eat?” he said jokingly.

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She was apparently allowed to remain seated, but was not allowed to continue eating. Anyway, Madison eventually decides to leave a large tip for the waiter who “kicked her out” and shows the receipt to show, as usual, the price paid for the binge: about 13 euros per four and a half hours.

Users praised the girl for the politeness she showed, whether by leaving a tip at the buffet service, or for not making a fuss after she was ordered to leave. “These places should indicate that there is a time limit!” “They can’t be mad at you when that limit isn’t there,” one writes, while others from similar places complain: “I have a place nearby and it’s not good and they don’t let you sit for more than half an hour.” “An hour, if you stand up for a moment and they’ll take your food.”

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