India: Four people have been charged with raping and killing a girl

A priest and three others have been charged with raping and killing a nine-year-old girl, sparking days of protests in New Delhi.

All four men arrested in early August face the death penalty.

On August 1, he was allegedly attacked by a 53-year-old priest and three workers to fetch water in a fire near the family home in south-west Delhi.

They then phoned her mother and told her that if the woman complained to the police, she would be electrocuted before the autopsy doctors would take her organs and sell them.

Her daughter’s body was later cremated, but locals intervened to remove the charred remains from the fire.

The government said in a statement on Saturday evening that the 400-page New Delhi Police chargesheet referred to “scientific, technical and other evidence” and evidence.

He stressed that the perpetrators would be charged within 30 days of this crime proving that there is “zero tolerance” for crimes against women and girls in this country of 1, 3 billion people.

According to official data, an average of 90 women and girls are raped every day in India.

But a high number of sexual assaults have not been recorded.

The Dalit community of 200 million people belonging to the lowest caste has long been plagued by discrimination and violence in India and attacks have been on the rise since the outbreak.

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