Anna Grau announces that she is leaving the Ciutadans in a very harsh letter

Anna Grau announces that she is leaving the Ciutadans in a very harsh letter

Anna Grauformer MP L Citizens This was announced yesterday by this party’s candidate in the Barcelona battle You requested to terminate your membership Citizens, which has disappeared from the European Parliament and now has only a few advisors throughout Spain. He made public a harsh letter to address the layoff, sent yesterday morning, before learning of the disastrous outcome. The blame-filled letter accuses the Ciutadans administration of not listening to critics who predicted defeat if they did not correct course.

The letter begins by recalling that his passage through the Spanish organization actually began when the electoral bubble that made the Citizens one of the main Spanish parties burst: “On November 11, 2019, I joined the Citizens with all illusions despite the heavy electoral defeat suffered by the Ciutadán party. This party the day before One in the general election [espanyoles]Which led to his resignationAlbert Rivera“. She recalls that a year and a half later she was a candidate for Parliament, and in 2023 she was in the Barcelona electoral district – “under very adverse circumstances, both outside the party and inside it.” “I always tried to give my best, believing that the world was becoming cleaner with citizens and that Catalonia Need that first of all. I think that is no longer the case,” he writes.

For this reason, he wrote yesterday that he was resigning “with sadness after an extremely difficult year, full of great political and personal disappointment.” “Despite the abuse I have been subjected to at different times, I have sworn not to leave the party so as not to cause harm before the European elections. It is eleven o’clock in the morning, and I do not know what will happen tonight when the polls open. If the predictions come true and the citizens also disappear from the European Parliament I will feel sorry for the members and voters, who deserved something else […] For everyone Those who were expelled and purged because they warned of what would happen if it continued, and continues to this day, to prioritize personal interests “To those who belong to the most self-sacrificing and generous grassroots group I have ever met, who I honestly believe have been robbed of so many reasons and explanations for why they have come this far,” he says. He concludes: “Good luck to everyone and everyone. You will always have a friend in me.”

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Only citizens received 120,525 votes In the European elections, it lost 2,611,300 compared to the 2019 elections, and remained far from obtaining representation, behind PACMA, having also disappeared from the Spanish Parliament and Congress. It has only about four hundred members in a few municipal councils and there is evidence that it disappeared from the political council and lost all influence.

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